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Can’t Go To The Game? High-End Outdoor TVs Are The Solution!


C-SEED and Séura OfferUltra-Realistic and Huge Displays Right in Your Backyard

Enjoy an incredible big-game experience without leaving your home! We’re not talking about watching the World Series or the Super Bowl in your home theater – although that is enjoyable too. Instead, take the fun outside where you enjoy the sun, fresh air, and an amazing display on your outdoor TV. And lest you think we’re referring to a basic outdoor TV, think again! 

High-end televisions from Séura and C-SEED make you feel like you’re watching the game through a grand window. Experience crisp, clear, and ultra-realistic displays that make it seem as though you’re actually there in the stadium. Don’t settle for second best at your home in New York, NY. Keep reading to see how both manufacturers ensure you are swept away by their big and beautiful displays.

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How Big Is Too Big? 

The answer: When it comes to watching sports, you want the biggest 4K TV you can get! After all, you need to see every play, all the action, and even the expressions on the players’ faces. C-SEED is an innovative TV manufacturer that will certainly satisfy your need for a big display. The company’s 144-inch screen is double the size of most living room TVs or even the TVs in modest home theaters. Also, each pixel (more than 8 million) emits its own light for a level of perfect black, vibrant color, and stunning picture quality at any angle and in the brightest daylight conditions.

Want to go bigger? The C-SEED 201-inch outdoor TV will certainly impress. The screen is 16-feet wide! The players you watch on the screen will be bigger than life, and you won’t miss a thing if you have this TV in your backyard or pool deck. Also, one of the most unique aspects of the C-SEED TV is that it disappears when not in use. Yes, you heard that right! The entire TV folds up and retracts into a compartment box – waiting for activation the next time you push a button on your smart home device. 

Find Your Perfect TV with Séura

Not all outdoor TVs need to be huge. Instead, you may want a high-end TV for smaller spaces, such as a patio, outdoor kitchen, gazebo, or hot tub area. That’s not to say Séura is an inferior product. Quite the contrary! The company’s outdoor TVs are award-winning and for a good reason. In addition to their state-of-the-art smart technologies, the TVs use Adaptive Picture Technology, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on the current light conditions. So, you can enjoy outdoor entertainment in any light level. 

Choose from two models: the Shade Series and the Ultra Bright Series. The shaded TVs come in several sizes, from 43 inches to 75 inches. While the bright TVs are available in sizes, ranging from 55 inches to 86 inches. You’ll enjoy a superior picture that is much brighter than any indoor display. Séura’s outdoor TVs are also completely weatherproof and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures. 

Looking for a better way to watch movies and games? You need an outdoor TV from C-SEED or Séura! Find out more by calling Audio Command Systems, chatting with us below, or filling out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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