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Project Spotlight: A Dream Home in The Hamptons

living room seating area with floor-to-ceiling windows in the background featuring automated shades to control sunlight.

ACS Takes Smart Lighting Control to New Levels of Luxury

If your home has stunning views, why would you want to hide them? 

Many homeowners believe that adding technology to their living space will detract from the beauty and charm they’ve perfectly curated with stunning architectural details and custom decor selections. Luckily, several hidden technologies and control options are available that let you showcase your New York City, NY, residence with the simple tap of a button or according to a pre-designated schedule. The home stands out, not the tech!

Read below to learn how we incorporated smart lighting control and more into one particular luxury estate in the Hamptons. Keep scrolling to discover what we crafted for these homeowners.

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A Dream Home in the Hamptons

For this particular project in the Hamptons, we were working with an 11,000-square-foot home with 200 feet of beachfront property. The home had 25-foot floor-to-ceiling windows that looked upon the ocean, and we knew we didn’t want to hide that beautiful scenery. We called upon the Lutron suite of products for impeccable lighting and shading control that maximized the view and made it feel like you were outside on the beach even while standing inside. 

Smart Control of Lights & Shades

Window coverage like this requires a delicate touch. For one-tap management of natural lighting, we incorporated Lutron motorized roller shades that sit perfectly inside of pockets while raised but lower to reduce UV rays, glare, and heat during the hottest times of the day. 

In the bedroom, we extended some shade rollers and shortened others in the corners to manage the amount of natural light in the space. No matter the time of day, the homeowners and their guests will be able to catch a few Zzzs without any light disturbance.

Along stairways, walkways, and artwork, our team added lighting fixtures that highlighted architectural details of the home and provided safety subtly. These additions weren’t designed to be noticed but to add an elegant ambiance to every activity in this magnificent estate.

We incorporated Ketra lighting in many of the interior spaces to bring the feel of natural lighting inside. With the Lutron HomeWorks control system, we were also able to add beautiful Lutron keypads that complement the decor without being obtrusive.

Entertainment Everywhere

All throughout this home, we incorporated unseen but highly appreciated details that resulted in a stellar living experience. Using the same intuitive interface that controls the home’s lighting and shades, the homeowners can manage their entertainment as well. 

Private walkways, decks, and outdoor entertaining areas are outfitted with speakers heard but not seen. These hidden in-ceiling and in-wall speakers offer high-performance sound without diminishing the design choices the homeowner took time and energy to select. By masterfully concealing most of the technology in this home, we let the home’s unique qualities speak for themselves; we must admit - the house is singing a beautiful song loud and clear! Take a look for yourself in our video below.

A Fully Realized Vision

Before any project begins, we have an initial consultation with our client. We ask questions regarding their lifestyle and basic needs and their ultimate dream desires. Our goal is to fully understand how and why they would use smart solutions like lighting and shades, audio/video, and integration throughout their home. We offer the client a blank canvas and give them the ability to be their own artist. Then we create the reality for them with a perfectly executed smart home design and installation

Making Dreams a Reality

From the first meeting to post-installation support, ACS is with you every step of the way. Chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or connect with us here to start a conversation about your next luxury smart home project - we can’t wait to hear from you!

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