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Discover the Future of Home Audio with ACS and Savant

A man making a meal in his kitchen while enjoying multi-room audio.

Multi-Room Audio Solutions That Transform Home Audio Experiences

Step into the future of home audio with the sound experts from Audio Command Systems. Let us show you a world of innovative and immersive musical experiences that stretch to every corner of your home. With a state-of-the-art multi-room audio system powered by Savant, music can flow seamlessly from room to room, almost as if it were following you. But the power is truly in your hands as you live, work, and play to the soundtrack of your life. 

Continue reading to learn more about multi-room audio solutions powered by Savant and delivered to your Los Angeles, CA, home by the audio professionals from ACS.

Enjoy a Multi-Room Audio Experience in These Two Spaces


Audio Command Brings the Tunes to Your Entire Property

There’s no need to carry around a Bluetooth speaker to every room of the house while you’re going about your daily activities to listen to your favorite playlists. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that, there’s simply a better way to experience audio throughout your Los Angeles home.

With a multi-room audio system installation, all you need to do is press a button - or say a voice command - to have a room filled with melodic tunes, riveting podcast episodes, dramatic audiobook chapters, or action-packed sports calls. Cranking up the volume from a one-room stereo system or carrying around a portable speaker is no longer necessary to hear the audio in a room or across multiple rooms simultaneously.

How can you make it possible in your own home? By contacting Audio Command, of course. We’ve written before about unexpected spaces to include distributed audio, but there are more! Take a look below to learn two areas of your California property that will benefit from a multi-room system.

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