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Make Movie Magic with Top Tech Brands from Audio Command Systems

A Sony ES projector brings movies to life in your custom home theater.

Enjoy Memorable Entertainment Experiences in Your Custom Home Theater From ACS

A custom home theater is more than just a room with a large screen; it embodies the homeowner’s passion for entertainment and fun. When you decide to invest in a custom home theater, you're not just setting up a room—you’re creating a cinema experience that reflects the immersive qualities of the movies you love. You can design any type of experience you want in your Los Angeles, CA, home!

But, to truly elevate this experience and create astonishing movie magic, our home theater experts at Audio Command Systems suggest you consider some of the latest tech from top brands like Kaleidescape and Sony. Continue reading to learn more.

6 Things You Need to Build a Custom Home Theater

A custom home theater with golden walls and black floors and ceiling.

Each Piece Plays Its Part to Create Cinema Magic 

A home theater is more than a large TV or a projector. It’s not just a living room with great audio and video. A home theater is a carefully designed space that offers complete cinematic immersion and entertainment. A theater transports you into new worlds so that even after the film ends, everything around you feels special. 

So what do you need to create a custom home theater? As a home cinema installer based in Boca Raton, we think these six elements are essential. 

The Incredible Options in Custom Home Theater Design

A home theater with a large movie screen, Sony projector, and chaise lounges.

Enhance Your Home Entertainment with the Latest Technology

Smart home technology and home entertainment are synonymous with an elevated lifestyle that more homeowners are enjoying every day. Stereos in one or two rooms have transformed into whole-home, high-fidelity audio systems. Movie nights in the den are now immersive cinematic experiences in home theaters. 

As with most technology, one element makes all the difference. It turns home theaters from the place to enjoy a movie now and then to the favorite room in the home. It ensures an experience that exceeds your expectations. It's customization. 

Let’s explore what a custom home theater design entails and why homeowners throughout Miami, FL, turn to Audio Command Systems to make their dreams come true.

3 More Reasons To Consider a Custom Home Theater

Custom home theater with blue illumination, comfortable seating, and a car display on the screen.

Change the Way You Entertain From the Comfort of Your Home

Home entertainment is a giant industry, from the never-ending releases of award-winning feature films to the streaming networks that bring them into our living spaces by simply pressing the Play button. But you don’t need to settle for a subpar media experience simply because you’re staying at home instead of going to your local Boca Raton, FL, cineplex.

Read below to discover three more reasons you need to consider a custom home theater upgrade for your property from the expert team at Audio Command Systems.

4 Essential Components You Need for a Custom Home Theater


How to Ensure Your Cinema Space Provides a Luxurious and Immersive Experience

The phrase “custom home theater” is used quite often these days. That’s because many homeowners are trying to find ways to bring the movie-theater experience into their private residences. And for a good reason! There’s nothing quite like watching a movie on your own big screen with the music, dialogue, and sound effects immersing you completely in the space. But what really is a custom home theater?

With private cinemas becoming more and more popular, you’ll also find those who claim to design and build home theaters, but the end-product doesn’t live up to their promises. At Audio Command Systems, we are truly experts in the field! In this blog, we’ll highlight the four components you need to have an impressive custom home theater at your existing home or new build in Los Angeles, CA.

An Ultra-Short-Throw Projector Improves the Home Theater Experience


Here’s an Impressive Way to Add Visual Appeal to Your Custom Home Theater

Custom home theaters come in all shapes in sizes. That’s why they’re called custom! Some homeowners have an expansive space – complete with multi-level seating, a mammoth 22.2 surround-sound system, and a 10-foot screen display (or more). Others have a more modest home entertainment area with an 85” TV display and a 7.1 surround sound system, but one that still provides the immersive feeling they need.

Whatever design you prefer, it’s critical to create a visual experience that transports you to another world. The ultra-short-throw projector (UST) is perfect for home theaters with space limitations, homeowners that want something larger than a TV screen, those that prefer a sleeker and less conspicuous projector in their rooms, or all of the above!

Keep reading to see why a UST projector could be perfect for your custom home theater in Los Angeles, CA.

Professional Projection and Sound Brings Perfection To Your Home Theater


Barco and Meyer Sound Offer Exceptional Quality and Clarity 

custom home theater is about the experience of movie watching, and how you perceive the experience starts with your audiovisuals. The AV technology helps accentuate the storyline, blurring the line between fantasy and our world.  

A quality home theater starts with the construction itself, and an understanding of the shape, size, and materials used will affect how the image looks and the audio will sound. The projector and surround sound are an integral component of the room itself, not just standalone items. 

When it comes to the audio system and projection, you want the best designs that provide uncompromised quality for your Los Angeles, CA home.  

To learn more about how Barco projectors and Meyer Sound are great options for your home theater, read more below. 

Craft a Custom Home Theater With Sony!


Sony Private Cinema Products Bring the Big Screen Experience To Your Home 

custom home theater is designed to bring the cinema’s excitement and immersive experience to your house. Movies move us with visuals and sound that complement the story and add subtext we recognize on both the conscience and subconscious levels. 

The technology used must provide the detail to reproduce the shades of meaning, sense of anticipation, and expression of resolution. The projection and audio systems work in harmony to draw you into the story, blurring the border between film and reality. 

To learn more about how our line of Sony products can build your perfect private cinema for your New York, NY smart home

The Cinema Experience in Your Home


A Custom Home Theater Furnishes Superior Audio and Stunning Video Beyond Compare. 

Film is a powerful medium, one where we have built temples in which to experience this art form. The stories on screen are created with the cinema setting firmly in mind. The esteemed critic Roger Ebert echoed this sentiment, saying: “In the previous century the movie theater was often, in smaller towns and cities, the only grand architectural statement, save perhaps for a church or courthouse. They unashamedly provided a proscenium for our dreams.”

As we view more movies from home, there is no reason to lose the sense of drama and revelry. In fact, a custom home theater in your Los Angeles, CA home can create a far more evocative affair. 

One of the advantages of living in a smart home is having streaming sources and curated content available at the touch of a button.  The right design and technology enhance your movie-watching moments with immersive sound and stunning video quality.

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