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Craft a Custom Home Theater With Sony!


Sony Private Cinema Products Bring the Big Screen Experience To Your Home 

custom home theater is designed to bring the cinema’s excitement and immersive experience to your house. Movies move us with visuals and sound that complement the story and add subtext we recognize on both the conscience and subconscious levels. 

The technology used must provide the detail to reproduce the shades of meaning, sense of anticipation, and expression of resolution. The projection and audio systems work in harmony to draw you into the story, blurring the border between film and reality. 

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Sony has been a part of the custom home theater movement since its beginnings around 1974 when Steve J. LaFontaine demoed the concept in his store. Leading roles in the development of media formats such as the LaserDisc and the DVD followed, facilitating the movies at the home movement. 

The company also helped develop the modern high-definition video format and projectors for the Japanese broadcaster NHK in the early 1980s. Today Sony’s understanding of what it means to watch movies and the technology used to deliver them is used to offer remarkable products dedicated to the home theater experience. 

Resolution Beyond Compare 

The image on-screen is central to any private cinema setup, and projectors are the best choice as they generate a superior image. Unbound by the frames that restrict monitors, projectors present a film as the director intended, in stunning wide-screen aspect ratios.  

Standard 4K (Ultra-Hight-Definition) has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and is the most common home form of video. Movie theaters use 4K DCI, a wider screen, and a higher pixel count with an aspect ratio of 4096 x 2160. High-end Sony projectors present both resolutions and can even project 8K, with appropriate content, with their top tier models. 

The innovation does not stop there; they can deliver an impressive 5,000 lumens using their patented Z-Phosphor laser light engine that creates the blackest blacks and an infinite dynamic contrast that looks good after 20,000 hours of use as it did on day one. The ARC-F (All Range Crisp Focus) lens and Digital Focus Optimizer ensure your image is crystal clear at the far edges as it is in the center. Many models even offer the ability to present breathtaking IMAX visuals. 

Alfred Hitchcock, the great director, said that a great picture’s story should be understandable to anyone without the sound. While this may be true, it would be a terrible loss without surround sound. 

Superior Sound Solutions 

While the images on the screen bring you into the action, the surround sound makes it an immersive experience. The audio system envelopes you in a 3-dimensional sound field where the nuances of a bee flying past to the dramatic seat shaking rumbles of a superhero landing. Sony speakers bring this full-throated surround sound to you with support industry standards such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and more. 

The Sony audio  systems look  as beautiful as they sound. The cabinets are crafted with fine European birch wood and traditional Japanese woodworking methods for a warm acoustic resonance that contributes to their musical precision.

The theater experience requires that every subtle sound be reproduced in the space intended and without any coloration or blending. The I-Array system ensures that the drivers deliver an evenly spaced sound that is true to the original mix where every instrument, sound effect, and dialog are right where they are supposed to be. With Sony sound solutions, every seat in your home theater, media, or listening room is a sweet spot. 

Sony high-end products have the history and technical innovations to provide you with the ultimate movie experience at home. 

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