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Play, Pause, and Pick Up Anywhere With Home Audio Video Distribution


Never miss a moment of your games or movies with smart AV

The era of Peak TV is here, and thanks to the recent glut of subscription services, the industry is currently knee deep in the Streaming Wars. There are more options than ever to love in your Los Angeles, CA property. But you don’t have to herd the family into the home theater to view your favorite shows, sports, and movies. With a home audio video distribution system, you can stream and watch anywhere. Pause the show on your living room television and continue it in the bedroom when you’re ready, or take your favorite media outside while you catch the first fall breezes. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

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Multi-Room AV

If you’re into movies and TV, chances are you’ve already invested in a 4K or 8K TV and high-bandwidth networking solutions. The best technology lets you watch content in unprecedented quality in your home. And when you have a video distribution system, enjoy the same quality in every room.

Distribution lets you watch shows and movies in one room, multiple rooms, or throughout your entire home at the same time. Command everything with a single interface and stream the video anywhere in your home with a video monitor.

If you’re watching the game and need to get a drink, easily send the video signal from your theater to the kitchen TV and never miss a single second. Each room becomes a media center when you install quality components and work with a local expert..

How it Works

Maybe you’re familiar with this AV setup: a TV connects to a cable box and a soundbar or AV receiver. This is a common single-room solution. Thanks to your AV distribution system, the system is stored in an unused room or closet, away from sight.

In a traditional configuration like the one mentioned above, the TV is a switch. Plug in multiple devices: cable box, Blu-ray player, video game system, and more, and change the video settings using the TV controls.

A whole-home video system works similarly but expands the scale. A cable box or video game system connects to multiple TVs throughout your home. Expert wiring facilitates the distribution of 4K images anywhere, and multiple inputs and dedicated switches help deliver the content you want and play it anywhere in your property.

Simple Control

A video distribution system works best with simple controls and an intuitive interface. Crestron organizes your system so you can easily access everything with the tap of a button on a touch panel controller. Plus, they manufacture all their own products, so you know you’re enjoying high-quality, durable components.

Choose inputs and more while controlling playback and volume from a single control device. Minimize confusion and keep control of your entire technology system with just one easy-to-use solution.

Want to get more out of your video content? Consider a video distribution system for your property. For more, click here or call 310-444-3882. We look forward to speaking with you!

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