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Did You Know You Can Control Your Smart Home These Four Ways? 

Human behavior is versatile. That is, we interact with our surroundings and respond to events in different ways. No day is exactly the same as the next. Therefore, your actions and reactions are always unique in one way or another. How does this relate to interacting with your smart home? A truly customized and high-end smart home integration system should offer more than one method of control.

While using a touchpad is more convenient than manually adjusting lights, turning on the TVs, or controlling the motorized window treatments, you have other options as well. Keep reading to discover all four ways you can take control of your New York, NY, home or apartment.

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1. You Know the Thing - Smart Home Control!

If you live in a smart home, then you already enjoy the convenience of controlling every technology with the tap of a button. But maybe you only have a few technologies (or just one), such as motorized shades or a few smart lights.

Imagine what it would be like to add smart technologies to your entire home and control them all from one system. Using a tablet, smartphone app, or smart home remote, select a device or system (i.e., motorized shades, lighting, home security, home AV, and much more) and adjust any technology you want. It’s all integrated into one interface.

2. Speak Up! Your Home Is All Ears

Voice control is everywhere now. Talk to your phone, Alexa, and a myriad of other smart devices, and they obey your every command. The same can be true for your home. Today’s smart home integration systems make life so much easier by giving you a hands-free way to control your home.

If you have your hands full when you step through the front door, say, “Alexa, turn on the lights.” Then your home illuminates seamlessly. You can even set scenes. For instance, when you are ready for a movie in your home theater, say, “Alexa. Movie Time,” and the lights, motorized shades, and audio-video systems respond.

3. Take Control from Miles Away

You don’t have to be in the same room to control your smart home technologies. In fact, you can be miles away! Check the security system, turn on the lights, or lock the doors right from your smartphone even if you’re vacationing in another part of the world. It’s almost as if you’re right at home.

Even though smart home integration lets you set automatic scenes to give your property the appearance of occupancy, you can still take control any time you like. Your home will even send an alert when someone is at the door. Then, answer it, and speak to the visitor on your two-way communication system.

4. No-Touch & No-Voice with Geofencing & Integration

Do you want a completely hands-off way to control your home? Geofencing lets you program any home technology to operate on its own – based on your location and other factors. It uses your smartphone to identify where you are, or it relies on motion sensors to adjust technologies.

For example, when you leave your property, the smart security system turns on, the doors lock, and the thermostat adjusts to preprogrammed settings. When you are headed home from work or an errand, your smart home system turns on various technologies to welcome you home for the day.

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