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Top 3 Reasons to Install Smart Home Security Cameras


Bring Complete Surveillance to Your Property

No matter what the size of your Miami, FL property is, keeping it safe and secure can often feel like a stressful undertaking. Keeping an eye on every corner and every room feels almost daunting! But what if there was an easy, innovative solution to give you peace of mind?

Smart home security cameras go above and beyond what standard surveillance provides. With this smart tech, you won’t have to worry when you leave home or when you go to bed at night. Want to learn how this feature can improve your home’s overall security? Keep reading below.


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Capture Every Angle and Corner

Smart surveillance cameras don’t remain stagnant and unmoving like you might imagine typical ones set up in stores or even ones you’ve seen at homes in the past. These updated cameras can function automatically, moving to film and capture every area of your property – whether you set them up to do so or if they react to a motion sensor tripping nearby.

You can even take their control in your own hands from your smartphone or device. Pan the camera, tilt it to catch every angle of a viewing, and zoom in to get a closer look. You get to manage each individual camera’s view and change it up how you see fit so that you always have total coverage of your property and landscape.


Real-Time Footage

While you operate from your smartphone, you are able to watch live video feed at any time! Simply check in on your outdoor spaces or entryways before heading into a meeting at work, or while you’re on vacation for an extended period of time. Move the cameras around to get a more expansive glimpse and look in on every camera on your property to see the real-time footage each provides.

If you want to watch the footage at another time, you can hit record and save the videos to view later. This can give you more time to examine what’s happening in the footage and see if you recognize someone if any unwanted guest shows up. You and your system will also be able to track repeated incidents and guests who approach your home.

Not only is your footage easily recordable, but you can also always view it in crystal-clear, high quality. Now you won’t have to worry about grainy image quality preventing you from seeing your captured surveillance clearly.


Complete Integration

Smart surveillance cameras don’t have to work on their own to keep your family and home safe. Total integration with the rest of your smart systems means your cameras can communicate with other smart features to elevate your home security completely.

For example, when your motion sensors outside suddenly detect movement – your cameras can instantly zone in on the area in question. At the exact same time, your landscape lighting can flood the area, either scaring away an intruder or making your nightly footage even easier to see.

If a smart lock is disarmed without a code or from your own smart device, you can have your cameras send you an instant notification featuring footage from the specific entryway. You can also set your smart alarms to go off according to what is disarmed or broken into. Control your alarms and other security features from the same devices you use to manage your cameras. It’s an entirely cohesive system that works to keep you safe at all times with zero-hassle on your part.


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