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IC Realtime: The Smartest Way to Protect Your Home


Learn How Video Surveillance Monitoring Dramatically Improves Home Security

How old is your home security system? If the video quality is poor, you can’t access the system via a smart device, and it takes a while to search for a security event, then it’s time for an upgrade. After all, an antiquated security system doesn’t belong in a modern home. Today’s tech-savvy thieves can easily circumvent older surveillance systems. Protect your home and your family in Palm Beach County, FL with video surveillance monitoring from IC Realtime.

Unlike security camera systems from 20 years ago (or even a few years), IC Realtime offers advanced surveillance solutions that integrate seamlessly with smart home control systems. The company is a global leader in designing and producing state-of-the-art surveillance products. Keep reading to learn about IC Realtime’s smart cameras, recorders, and remote access products.

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Cameras That Catch Everything

This isn’t your grandpa’s security camera! Older surveillance cameras served their purpose, but now, the technology behind home security has advanced by leaps and bounds. For instance, IC Realtime not only has 360-degree cameras that capture images all around them, but they also feature a dual-lens 720-degree camera. Place these cameras inside or outside your home, and watching the footage is like a 3D experience that puts you in the center of it all.

IC Realtime also offers other impressive cameras, such as bullet and box cameras. So, you’re not limited to one type of camera. A technology integrator like Audio Command Systems can set up a home security camera system that captures every square inch of your property.

AI-Powered Video Recorders

Talk to your phone, and it finds a restaurant for you, tells you about the weather, provides directions to any location, and pulls up just about any information you want. How is that possible? It’s called artificial intelligence (AI). But why should Siri, Google, or another voice assistant have all the fun? You probably don’t realize it, but a video surveillance monitoring system can do the same thing.

If an incident happens on your property, IC Realtime helps you find the footage you need in seconds. It’s like talking to your phone or running a Google search. Simply search the date and time to see video footage of the event. Or, if you’re unsure when something happened, search for “package delivery,” “person in the yard,” or “car in driveway.” Then all footage matching your keyword term will be displayed.

Remote Access Control at Your Fingertips

Let’s say you’re watching a movie in your home theater, but you want to check the security cameras around your home. It’s so easy to do, and you won’t have to get out of your seat either. IC Realtime’s video surveillance monitoring system lets you view live and recorded footage from any location - whether you’re home or miles away.

Just open your tablet or mobile app to check the cameras inside and outside your home. You can even control them by panning, zooming, and tilting them for a better view. And if you have smart locks and an intercom system, you can control those remotely as well.

Learn more about installing an IC Realtime system on your property. Call Audio Command Systems at 561-997-0550 or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation.

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