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The Cornerstone of Luxury Living

Lutron is the leading provider of state-of-the-art lighting, shading, and Lutron smart home solutions that simplify and elevate your lifestyle in Los Angeles, CA.

The Cornerstone of Luxury Living

Lutron is the leading provider of state-of-the-art lighting, shading, and Lutron smart home solutions that simplify and elevate your lifestyle in Los Angeles, CA.

Discover Unparalleled Total Home Control

HomeWorks QSX
Let Lutron HomeWorks seamless control transform your spaces and experience the pinnacle of intelligent lighting solutions with comprehensive control of an unlimited number of integrated devices and fixtures from your mobile device or discrete wired and wireless keypads and switches. In addition, Lutron Alisse brings cutting-edge technology and timeless design, so you can complement your home’s décor while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle made simple by Lutron home integration in Boca Raton, FL and The Hamptons, NY.

Expand What’s Possible

Get Started with Lutron HomeWorks QS or the All-New QSX

  • Lutron Keypad
    Control and elegance collide with beautifully designed wired and wireless architectural keypads offered in a variety of faceplates, colors, finishes and engraving options.
  • Lutron Dimmer
    Dimmers & Switchers
    Personalize your lighting with sleek, wall-mounted wired and wireless controls that replace standard switches for tailored convenience.
  • Lutron Shading detail
    Window Treatments
    Manage daylight and privacy with your choice of automated shades, blinds and drapes that adjust at your command while enhancing your décor.
  • Lutron Climate Control Keypad
    Temperature Control
    Adjust and automate the temperature throughout your Boca Raton, FL home with Lutron’s intuitive thermostats, keypads, sensors or Lutron home integration Home Control+ app.
  • Lutron Dimming Panel
    Dimming Panel
    Eliminate the need for local dimmers and switches in each room of your home with remote dimming panels that power multiple lighting zones.
  • Lutron Sensor
    Celebrate energy efficiency with wall- and ceiling-mounted occupancy/vacancy sensors that activate lighting in any space only when it’s needed.

    Enjoy Wireless Total Home Control

    RadioRA 2 & RadioRA 3
    Enjoy convenient and wireless control of your lighting, motorized window treatments, and temperature from one room to the entire home. RadioRA 2 and the updated RadioRA 3 systems offer stylistic keypads and remotes that seamlessly match your home’s interior design.

    Take Lighting Control to New Heights

    Experience Customizable Convenience with RadioRA 2 & RadioRA 3

    Lutron keypad
    • Lutron Keypad


      Elevate your home’s aesthetics with luxury interfaces for total control. Select from a variety of beautiful colors and finishes for your wall-mounted or tabletop keypads to adjust your indoor and outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, window treatments, and thermostats for personalized one-touch convenience.
    • Lutron Keypad

      Light Controls

      Wireless dimmers, switches and keypads make controlling single or grouped lighting fixtures easier than ever by replacing standard switches with dimming and integrated control capabilities. Select from a variety of colors and finishes to fit your style.
    • Lutron appliance control

      Appliance Control

      Save energy by shutting off standby power of your appliances when they’re not in use. By bridging your outlets and electrical appliances with a discrete plug-in appliance module, you’ll use energy only when your devices are turned on.
    • Lutron Fan control

      Fan Control

      Say goodbye to inconvenient pull chains with wireless wall-mounted fan controls and remotes that work both indoors and outdoors. Select from up to four quiet fan speeds for the perfect airflow in any space.
    • Sensors

      Implement additional energy-saving solutions with Radio Powr Savr wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors that mount on walls and ceilings to turn lights on in any space when foot traffic is detected and turn them off when the room is empty.
    • Temperature Controls

      Replace your thermostats with intuitive touch-screen solutions from Lutron that allow you to manage and schedule your temperature settings from your wireless keypad or adjust them from your mobile phone while you’re away from home.
    • Lutron controller

      Behind The Scenes

      The technology behind RadioRA 2 and the upgraded, all-new RadioRA 3 offers a variety of solutions for customized control. Schedule your system based on time of day with the included astronomical timeclock, extend system control range for larger applications and control your home from the car with a visor control receiver.
    • Lutron shade detail

      Automated Shades

      Select from a variety of automated shades, drapes and blinds that quietly adjust to manage sunlight, heat gain and privacy. Lutron’s battery-powered Sivoia QS Wireless and Sivoia QS Triathlon window treatments offer quiet and precise control at the touch of a button.

    Elevate the Guest Experience with myRoom

    Lutron myRoom systems deliver beautiful and efficient light, shade and temperature control solutions to delight guests while boosting operational efficiency. Deploy tailor-made Lutron smart home solutions according to your performance and budget goals while differentiating yourself from the competition in Los Angeles, CA.

    Affordable Luxury for Your Property

    Reduce costs while providing a welcoming environment for guests.

    myRoom Prime

    Nurture a home away from home for guests with simple control of lights, temperature and shades. Designed using wireless controls, this energy-saving solution is easy to install and reconfigure as property needs change.

    Light, Temperature, and Shade Control
    Try out a wide range of pre-programmed entry, bathroom and bedside keypads that give guests dimming, master OFF and scene recall capabilities.
    Guest Presence Detection
    Motion sensors turn on lights when guests arrive, then turn them off and set the thermostat to economy mode whenever the room is empty.
    Experience 10-30% energy savings through occupancy-based lighting and temperature changes initiated as soon as the guest leaves the room.

    myRoom Plus

    myRoom plus provides a building-wide approach to lighting, shade and temperature control. Craft a luxury environment with a wider range of options for lighting control keypads and Sivoia QS shade models.

    myRoom Vue
    This web-based front-end dashboard lets property managers control, monitor and troubleshoot lights, HVAC and motorized shades in all rooms.
    Ease property-wide operations and monitoring by integrating myRoom plus with third-party building management and concierge systems.
    Guest Presence Detection
    Start preparing the room as soon as guests check in and design custom welcome scenes that activate when guests use their key for entry.
    Energy Savings
    Expand energy savings through PMS integration that lets you design specific energy-saving settings according to a room’s sold or unsold status.

    Begin Your Journey to a Luxurious Lifestyle

    Reach out to Audio Command Systems to find innovative custom control solutions to fit your needs.

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