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Creating a Sanctuary with Circadian Lighting


ACS Brings Well-Being and Beauty to Homes with Human-Centric Lighting

At Audio Command Systems, part of our job as expert technology integrators is to keep an eye on growing trends in design and smart home living in the Los Angeles region. 

For the last several years, our clients have wanted to turn their homes into sanctuaries, spaces that enhance their family's well-being while providing a place to rejuvenate and rediscover peace amidst a busy life.

Circadian lighting is one of the advanced systems that brings this desire to fruition. Not only can it enhance health and wellness, but it brings beauty to your living spaces. Let's explore its benefits and why many homeowners embrace this powerful type of illumination.

Enjoy a Custom, Automated Home by ACS


Discover the Difference Between Smart Home Integration and Smart Devices

Today, almost half of all homes in the U.S. have at least one smart device. From speakers to appliances and lighting, connected devices are becoming mainstream. For every device, you pull up an app and control it from anywhere. And, as you add more devices, you add more apps. Soon, the promise of ease and the newness of the technology wears off, and you find yourself getting up from the couch to dim the lights before the movie begins.

These devices are far different from smart home integration. As one of the nation's largest smart home integration firms, Audio Command Systems brings these separate and disjointed devices together. Your entire home in The Hamptons, NY, becomes intelligent, managed with high-resolution touchscreens, elegant keypads, and your voice.

Let's explore how these systems transform homes and those living in them.

How Indoor Living Technology Enhances Home Efficiency

A home theater with a blue rug and leather chairs.

How ACS Can Optimize Comfort with Cutting-Edge Indoor Living Technology in East Hampton

There’s no doubt that homes are on the up-and-up in terms of smartness and efficiency. With tech blending into every aspect of our daily lives, it's only natural the living spaces follow along. Indoor living tech is shaking things up, adding a wealth of benefits beyond just making life more convenient. Audio Command Systems is one of the county’s largest home integration companies, and we will leverage our 40+ years of experience to create the smart home of your dreams. 

Let's explore how ACS’s indoor living technology solutions in East Hampton, NY, can make your homes more comfortable and convenient. 

Brighten Your Space: Finding the Perfect Lighting with a Lutron Dealer

A modern bedroom with a bed, nightstand, dresser, and a polished marble wall.

Audio Command Systems Redefines Modern Lighting Solutions

More than ever, living spaces have become vibrant with a unique blend of ingenuity and illumination. In a coastal paradise like Palm Beach, FL, where refinement meets style, lighting control plays a crucial role in carving out the ambiance of your home. 

At Audio Command Systems, we turn ordinary everyday living into modern experiences with the simple tap of a button. With the merging of technology and aesthetics, learn how you can take your living space to new heights with ACS, a trusted Lutron dealer in Palm Beach, FL

Discover the Future of Home Audio with ACS and Savant

A man making a meal in his kitchen while enjoying multi-room audio.

Multi-Room Audio Solutions That Transform Home Audio Experiences

Step into the future of home audio with the sound experts from Audio Command Systems. Let us show you a world of innovative and immersive musical experiences that stretch to every corner of your home. With a state-of-the-art multi-room audio system powered by Savant, music can flow seamlessly from room to room, almost as if it were following you. But the power is truly in your hands as you live, work, and play to the soundtrack of your life. 

Continue reading to learn more about multi-room audio solutions powered by Savant and delivered to your Los Angeles, CA, home by the audio professionals from ACS.

Strengthen Sleep Quality with Motorized Shades in Your Bedroom

A bedroom with warm, yellow-toned lighting and motorized shades fully drawn.

Let Audio Command Systems Help Transform Your Sleep Space For Cutting-edge Comfort

Can you imagine going to bed each night in a serene sanctuary where light, privacy, and comfort can all be controlled with the ease of just pressing a button? Achieve serenity when you work with Audio Command Systems to install motorized shades in your bedroom, creating the peaceful retreat every New York, NY, resident desperately seeks to experience. After a long, stressful day at work, you can come home and prioritize rest. Continue reading to learn how motorized shades can strengthen sleep quality and transform your bedroom experience with cutting-edge technology.

Experience Breathtaking Illumination with Ketra Lighting

The bird’s eye view of a living room with vibrant paintings and diffuse sunlight.

The Combined Power of ACS & the Most Advanced Lighting System 

At Audio Command Systems, we're committed to creating a luxurious lifestyle for our clients, a home that surprises and delights from morning to night, making life easier, more enjoyable, and captivating. To accomplish this, we integrate smart home integration with the latest home entertainment and remarkable lighting systems. 

In the world of home illumination, Ketra lighting delivers the world's most advanced lighting system. Let's discover how it's transforming homes and supporting families in New York, NY.

Cozy Up Your Home with Lighting Integration

A woman relaxes on a couch, reading in a warmly lit living room with sheer curtains and a decorative lamp in the background.

Discover How a Lighting Designer Helps Set the Right Tone in Your Home

As your personal escape from the world, your home should come alive with warmth and joy, and lighting integration is one of the most effective ways to foster this exact atmosphere in your home year-round. With the help of a skilled lighting designer from Audio Command Systems, you can transform your living space into a winter wonderland to host family and friends or a relaxing retreat after a long day of work. Let's explore how a lighting designer helps you create the ambiance in your Old Westbury, NY, home.

Unlocking a World of Smart Home Integration Possibilities

Smart home automation

Explore the Smart Home Difference with ACS

A smart home is no longer a futuristic concept but a present-day reality transforming our lives in Los Angeles, CA. From controlling your home's lighting and temperature to enhancing security and entertainment, smart home integration brings a world of possibilities to your fingertips. Read on to learn how an industry leader like Audio Command Systems can incorporate premium solutions into your home. 

Elevating Living with Smart Home Integration from Audio Command Systems

A luxury living room with in-ceiling lights.

Explore ACS’ Premier Solutions! 

As we move towards technological marvels, Long Island, NY, residents are discovering innovative ways to enhance their lifestyle through smart home integration. At Audio Command Systems, we are at the forefront of this revolution, offering you a seamless transition into the world of interconnected, intelligent living. 

As the leading authority in smart home integration, we specialize in transforming your Long Island home into a hub of convenience, security, and entertainment.

The Art and Science Behind Lutron Shades

Modern living room with sleek furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows with motorized shades and drapes

Innovative Design Meets Practical Elegance in Palm Beach Homes with Audio Command Systems

At Audio Command Systems, we've observed a growing trend toward incorporating smart home solutions that don’t compromise aesthetic appeal. A prime example is Lutron shades, a revolutionary window treatment from an industry leader that merges the best of design and technology. Keep reading to discover more!

Delight in Audio Command Systems' HTA-Certified Home Lighting Control

A beautiful, bright living room with a beige couch, hanging light fixtures and recessed lighting in the background.

We Have What It Takes to Properly Illuminate Every Inch of Your Home!

In the world of home integration and integrated technology solutions, it's essential for reputable, reliable companies to stand out. Renowned for its commitment to delivering cutting-edge smart home experiences, Audio Command Systems has earned recognition as a Miami, FL, Home Technology Association (HTA)-certified home lighting control provider. 

But what does this certification signify, and how can homeowners benefit from what we offer? Read on to explore the significance of HTA certification and how ACS can help homeowners (literally) illuminate their lives.

Case Study: A High-End Audio Haven in Tribeca

A spectacular New York City penthouse living area with a special, DJ-worthy high-end audio setup.

Audio Command Systems Injects High-Performance Sound into Every Inch of a Tribeca Penthouse

Everyone has heard the old saying, "No pain, no gain." It applies to many things in life, and, indeed, the most satisfying rewards often come from extraordinary efforts. As a purveyor and integrator of high-end audio systems and solutions, Audio Command Systems also relishes tackling a good challenge, one that stretches our abilities and drives us to find a way. In this post, we will feature a project that presented several challenges, from a client with high standards to a space with its own technical obstacles to overcome. Join us below as we detail how we delivered a high-performance audio haven near the top of one of New York City’s loftiest, most luxurious perches. 


Smart Lighting Control Systems Elevate New York Homes

Lutron keypad featuring metallic silver finish and backlit bedroom and lighting buttons.

Shine With Premier Technology Integration from ACS

In the city that never sleeps, luxury and convenience go hand-in-hand. The sprawling penthouses overlooking Central Park, the brownstones lining Brooklyn streets, and the modern lofts of SoHo all have something in common: a desire for the ultimate living experience. 

With the help of a technology integration team like Audio Command Systems, New Yorkers can incorporate smart lighting control systems to streamline routines and add a touch of sophistication to the rhythm of their daily lives.  

Explore what’s possible when ACS brings premium Lutron products into our clients’ homes in our article below. Keep reading!

What is Distributed Audio?


Before ACS brings this advanced audio solution to your home, let's talk about it!

Imagine walking into your Boca Raton, FL, home after a long day at work, and your favorite music greets you as you step through the door. You have the ability to create a soothing atmosphere throughout your living space every day through the presence of sound. 

This is the magic of distributed audio—delivered by industry experts like Audio Command Systems. Today, we'll explore distributed audio and how it works. Read on to discover why it's a fantastic addition to any modern home!

Make Movie Magic with Top Tech Brands from Audio Command Systems

A Sony ES projector brings movies to life in your custom home theater.

Enjoy Memorable Entertainment Experiences in Your Custom Home Theater From ACS

A custom home theater is more than just a room with a large screen; it embodies the homeowner’s passion for entertainment and fun. When you decide to invest in a custom home theater, you're not just setting up a room—you’re creating a cinema experience that reflects the immersive qualities of the movies you love. You can design any type of experience you want in your Los Angeles, CA, home!

But, to truly elevate this experience and create astonishing movie magic, our home theater experts at Audio Command Systems suggest you consider some of the latest tech from top brands like Kaleidescape and Sony. Continue reading to learn more.

Explore the Transformational Power of Today’s Media Room Design

A media room with a large screen, Sony projector, sectional, wine bar, and pool table.

Create the Optimal Space for the Ultimate Entertainment with ACS

Do you remember when the kitchen was the heart of the home? Thanks to rapid technological advancements, the multi-purpose media room is taking the lead. There’s nothing quite like relaxing at day’s end in a space designed for the ultimate audio-video experience or having friends over to watch the big game or the latest blockbuster in a space that transforms for the occasion. 

At Audio Command Systems, we’ve had the extreme pleasure of providing our clients in The Hamptons, NY, with the best home entertainment for over 45 years. We’ve witnessed the changes firsthand, and nothing excites us more than the look on our clients' faces when they see what today's technology provides. 

Let’s explore the possibilities in the latest media room design.

5 Reasons Motorized Shades Are Must-Have Additions to Hamptons Homes

country chic home with Lutron Triathlon motorized shades on the windows

Let Audio Command Systems Bring the Magic of Technology to Your Living Spaces

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of The Hamptons, homeowners are always on the lookout for the perfect blend of luxury and functionality. As the sun casts its golden hue over sprawling estates and beachfront properties on our beautiful sliver of Long Island, we’ve noticed a growing trend catching the eye of many: motorized shades.  

But why are these automated wonders becoming so popular? Find out below!

What Can a Home Entertainment System Installed by Audio Command Systems Do for You?

Large television hanging over a beige entertainment center, a beige sofa and recessed lighting decorate the room.

Summer is cooling down, and it's time to bring the entertainment inside! 

Our homes are no longer just the places we retire to after a long day at the office; they're also modern havens for relaxation and entertainment. A well-designed home entertainment system is one of the components that can elevate the quality of the time you spend in your Long Island, NY, residence. 

From movie buffs to music lovers, a correctly installed media solution can bring life to your space, allowing for better neighborhood parties and cozy movie nights. Read on to explore the myriad ways that an industry leader like Audio Command Systems can transform your home!

Unlock Seamless Connectivity: Home Network Installation Explained

Home network installation

Experience Smooth and Reliable Connectivity withHome Network Installation by Audio Command Systems (ACS)

A robust and reliable home network is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Whether streaming your favorite shows, working from home, or connecting smart devices, a robust home network ensures seamless connectivity. However, achieving this level of connectivity is more complex than plugging in a router. That's where professional home network installation by industry leader, Audio Command Systems,  comes in, especially for residents in Miami, FL.

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