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Bring the LA Music Scene Home with High-End Audio

High-end floorstanding speakers situated behind a living room seating area

Enjoy Jaw-Dropping Sound from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Have you ever caught yourself tapping your foot or slightly nodding your head to the beat of a song? Whether you’re spending time in your Los Angeles, CA, home or shopping on the Sunset Strip, music has the power to move you physically and emotionally, often without you even realizing it!

If you’re not feeling up to going to a show, why not bring the power of earthy bass and crystal-clear high notes to your property instead? With a high-end audio system designed and installed by the premier AV experts at Audio Command Systems, your entire home will sing!  

Read below to discover how you can fully customize your at-home listening experiences with our help!

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Considering Custom Home Integration? See What's Trending in 2023

A Savant control screen is mounted on the kitchen wall for easy access to smart home technology.

Improve Daily Living with These Smart Home Features

As smart home technologies continue to evolve, you may wonder what features homeowners are enjoying these days to improve their daily living. Could those features be beneficial to you? Of course, trends come and go, but the impact smart home devices have on our day-to-day convenience and peace of mind has remained consistent for a while now.

Continue reading to learn more about this year's trending devices. Here are some items to consider if you're considering a custom home integration for your Palm Beach, FL, residence.

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Control Smart Home Devices with Your Lutron Lighting System

Close up of a Lutron Palladiom wall keypad featuring Josh voice assistant.

Let ACS Take Your Smart Home to New Heights of Luxury 

Smart home devices have taken the world by storm, especially over the last few years, as many people have spent considerably more time at home than in recent memory. Outfitting a home with the latest technologies is a fun thing to do, but without a proper smart home design, you may find yourself juggling multiple remotes and switching between apps to navigate all of the features available.

Instead, why not incorporate a Lutron control system to manage your New York home’s smart devices? In one easy-to-use interface, your property can sing with music, light the way for guests, and much more! Whether you’re in Muttontown, Kings Port, or The Hamptons, you can add incredible convenience and luxury to your daily routines and entertainment experiences. Want to learn more? Keep reading below!

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3 Benefits of Outdoor Motorized Shades

A modern house at night with an inground pool.

Extend Your Living Spaces with This Innovative Smart Home Solution

Spending time outside makes you feel good. The breeze blowing through your hair and the sun shining on your skin is rejuvenating. Even when it’s raining, listening to the raindrops on the ground is relaxing. There’s no need to leave home in order to enjoy the gentle joys of the great outdoors. You can do so from your very own patio when you have automated outdoor shading.

Keep reading below to discover three ways outdoor motorized shades can change the way you experience your home in the Los Angeles, CA, area.

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Add Style & More to Your Property with Landscape Lighting

Nighttime scene of an outdoor pergola with lounge chairs, illuminated with Coastal Source lighting

Discover What’s Possible When You Add Automated Illumination

You work hard so your home can look its best, with enticing curb appeal and style. But what happens to your beautiful home at night once the sun goes down? If you have landscape lighting, your home in The Hamptons shines. Without it, your property becomes an unsafe and bleak space that leaves guests tip-toeing during parties, and no one will be able to see your stunning estate from the street. 

If you’re ready to show your New York home in its best light, even after sunset, then it’s time to consider an outdoor lighting upgrade. Read below to explore a few different styles and installation locations you can utilize in your backyard spaces. 

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Prepare for All-Year Fun with an Outdoor Entertainment Upgrade

six people toasting their beverages while a couple sits and talks at a table behind them

Are You Ready for Exciting Lakeside Hangouts & Backyard BBQs? 

Though it’s only just become winter, it’s time to begin preparing for the warmer weather now. By being proactive about your outdoor entertainment, you can ensure you and your guests will have a blast not just this upcoming spring and summer but all year round (as the weather allows, of course). 

Read on to discover how your property in the East Hampton, NY, area can benefit from exciting technology integrations from Audio Command Systems. Keep scrolling!

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Transform Your Space with Purposeful Lighting Control

living room seating area opened up to an outdoor seating area with a fan and exterior lights

Have the Power of Light at Your Fingertips with Audio Command Systems 

The light within your home can make or break the mood during a dinner party, and it illuminates your path while you traverse your living spaces. Instead of walking from room to room to manage the lighting for every occasion or raising and lowering shades as the sun makes its way across the Boca Raton, FL, skyline, consider adding a valuable addition to your daily routines: Lutron lighting control!

Discover a few of our favorite aspects of Lutron lighting control below!

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Live Effortlessly with Smart Home Control

A living area with shades half-drawn over windows that look out over the ocean.

Manage Your Home with One Touch

Do you ever think about the mundane daily tasks we automatically do? They've become such a part of our routine that we barely notice them. When we enter a room, we flip a switch to turn the lights on. When we leave for the day, we ensure the lights and TVs are off and adjust the thermostat. 

When the sun shines on our computer screen, we rise from our chair to lower the shades and then open them at the end of the day to enjoy another beautiful sunset in Palm Beach, FL. We settle in to watch a movie with our family, only to realize we’re missing the remote. And so it goes. 

Smart home control simplifies these daily tasks and much more. Press an elegant keypad or tap an icon on a touchscreen, and you can manage all the systems in your home. Check the touchscreen to see what lights or AV equipment are on, and then turn them off with one touch. Tap the "Dinner" button, and the lights in the dining room turn the color of firelight while your “Dining by Candlelight” playlist streams through your home.

A smart home redefines the true essence of luxury living. Let's explore some of the features transforming our clients' lives.

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Uncovering the Latest Outdoor Lighting Trends

An outdoor area with a large pool next to the ocean. Coastal Source tiki lights line the pool.

Create an Enchanting Retreat with Exterior Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting does much more than illuminate your property when evening falls. It extends your living space and carries the enjoyment of your many outdoor activities long into the night. It creates security and safety and provides the ultimate curb appeal.

The popularity of outdoor lighting has increased substantially as homeowners embrace outdoor living, creating a peaceful retreat or a party atmosphere in Los Angeles, CA. Let’s explore the latest lighting trends that let homeowners and their families enjoy their outdoor spaces in illuminated splendor.

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3 Ways to Save with Motorized Shades in the New Year

Bedroom with motorized window shades

An Innovative Way to Simplify Daily Living and Gain Peace of Mind

Is installing motorized shades on your list of must-dos in the new year? If you’re looking for an easy way to simplify your daily life, add savings to your wallet, and worry less about privacy in your home, then motorized shades are a perfect choice. Let us help you realize the value smart technology can provide and make life just a little easier this year.

Continue reading for three ways to save with motorized shades in your New York, NY, home.

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Are You Looking for Absolute Control of Your Lighting?

Closeup of a Lutron smart switch on a beautiful designer wall. 

Try the Magic and Style of Lutron Homeworks!

Lighting control has been at the heart of human civilization since we first invented fire. HomeWorks from Lutron may be just as revolutionary a change as that first step towards managing illumination to add comfort, convenience and safety to our lives. 

Lutron HomeWorks brings absolute control over the most sophisticated, intuitive controls and interfaces, smart switches and dimmers, tunable lights, motorized shades, and even your thermostat. 

At Audio Command Systems (ACS), we are the leading Lutron dealer in Los Angeles, CA, proudly offering our clients state-of-the-art technology systems and industry-leading installation and support. 

Read on to learn more about the Lutron HomeWorks control system, and how it makes your lighting, better, smarter, and more efficient

SEE ALSO: How Many Ways Can You Personalize YOUR Lighting? 

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HiFi Audio and Video In Every Room at Home

Living room featuring an Ultra HD Samsung TV. 

Blur the Boundary Between Indoors and Outdoors with a Professional Home Audio Video Installation 

In beautiful Palm Beach, FL, smart homes start in the front yard and extend all the way back to the pool area. It makes sense that a home audio-video system covers every space in between. From the wonderful convenience of distributed whole-home audio to the highly specialized surround sound speakers in the home theater, Audio Command Systems has you covered! At ACS, we have the expertise and brand partnerships to design and install state-of-the-art smart devices and technology systems for your entire home. For those of you considering an AV system update or upgrade, here is what to expect from our partners and industry-leading installation practices!

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The Latest Lighting Design Sets the Mood for Every Occasion

A well-lit living area with plants, natural light, in-ceiling speakers, and a view of the pool.

Today’s Lighting Design Incorporates Technology and Home Integration

There’s a feeling you get when you walk into a home with a beautiful, well-executed lighting design. During the day, the filtered sunlight streaming through the windows evokes a feeling of optimism and energy. In the evening, the lights work together to create a certain mood, whether mysterious and alluring or welcoming and bright. 

Ambient, accent, and task lighting provide layers of light that create depth and cozy intrigue and draw attention to the most impressive elements and areas of your home. These come in the form of pendants, chandeliers, downlighting, wall lights, integrated architectural lighting, hidden lights, and numerous other solutions.

When combined with the latest lighting technology and home integration, you experience unprecedented control of lighting that can change for every event, mood, and activity. Let’s explore the possibilities and how it’s transforming the look and feel of homes in New York, NY.

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3 Reasons to Work With ACS for Your Smart Home Integration

Close up of a home media room in a high rise featuring a flat screen TV, tower speakers and white sofas.

Our Professionalism, Transparency, and Service Help Us Create Your Dream Home

Sophisticated smart home integration has the power to elevate your lifestyle. Your smart home must be designed and installed carefully using the best equipment and expertise for true luxury and convenience. Audio Command Systems has over 40 years of experience and provides top-notch custom solutions to customers across the country. Keep reading to see why ACS should be your trusted partner for smart home integration in your Los Angeles, CA, home.

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Hassle-Free Motorized Shades Make Office Life More Enjoyable


Take Your Conference Room to a New Level of Comfort & Convenience 

The hustle and bustle of office work can be fast-paced and occasionally overwhelming, but there are a few technology solutions you can add to your workspaces to make them more enjoyable and convenient while improving customer and employee wellness simultaneously. 

If you’re looking for a way to improve the look and feel of your Palm Beach, FL, meeting spaces and offices, look no further than motorized shades. This smart business solution adds design, flexibility, and convenience to your daily operations. Want to learn more? Just keep reading our blog below!

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A Day in the Life with Smart Home Control

contemporary open concept dining and living room overlooking a patio with outdoor kitchen

Everyone Wants to Add Convenience to Daily Living

The concept of a smart home has been around for over half a century. Before the turn of the century, there were many iterations and predictions about the “home of the future” in TV shows like The Jetsons and movies like Disney’s The Smart House. But now that smart homes have become commonplace, we can say that not every pop culture prediction was correct.

Now, smart home control gives homeowners in New York and beyond a simple solution to a sophisticated series of connected devices. One tap, and your home will respond! Keep reading below to see what a day in the life looks like in a smart home.

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How to Create a More Collaborative Conference Room Design

Four team members gathered in a conference room talking with six team members through video conferencing.

Bring Remote and In-Office Teams Together For Seamless Meeting Experiences 

The modern workplace is changing, and conference room technology needs from five years ago have dramatically evolved. With more employees being allowed to work from home or other remote locations, businesses must upgrade conference room technology to improve opportunities for virtual collaboration throughout the day.

Even if your team is not working remotely, investing in an updated conference room design to support virtual meetings is still a good idea. Not only will it enhance client relationships to meet virtually face-to-face, but it can also help reduce travel budgets by replacing in-person meetings with these enhanced remote options.

Continue reading for ways to modernize your conference room design to improve collaboration for your West Palm Beach, FL, business.

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Successfully Planning the Smart Home of Your Dreams

A living room with an open floor plan, in-ceiling speakers, flat-screen TV, and a lit fire feature.

Current Supply Chain Issues Require Advanced Planning and Supply Options

If you’re considering integrating home integration into your existing home in Los Angeles or building a smart home from the ground up, congratulations. If planned and performed correctly, you’re on a journey that will leave you astounded at the immense enjoyment and ease of living this technology offers.

Planning, however, is more important than ever as supply chain bottlenecks persist. When you consider that a smart home platform manages and automates almost every system and electronic device in your home, including lighting, shades, climate, security, and entertainment, you can imagine the materials needed. Today, this level of integration requires extensive planning and knowledge of how to overcome logistical challenges through redesigning and finding alternative solutions. 

At Audio Command Systems, we’ve designed and installed thousands of customized home integration systems nationwide. Our 40-plus years of experience have taught us what works and what doesn’t—the little hick-ups to avoid and the planning that can help make this process almost effortless. As professional consultants and integrators, we can keep your project headed in the right direction.

Let’s explore a few critical elements to ensure your project ends with the smart home of your dreams.

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Planning for a Successful Commercial Integration Installation

Open concept office space with workspaces.

Upgrade Your Office With Smart Technology by Following These Steps

There are many benefits to installing commercial integration features in your office space. Some benefits include increased productivity, energy and utility savings, and enhanced collaboration. If you're currently in an older office space, taking time to plan and implement practical integration features could seem like a daunting task.  

Due to the nature of changing technology and current supply chain logistics, this may be a project you'll want to rely on the expertise of professional consultants like ACS to assist. However, no matter how you move forward, we all have a common goal of creating a functional and collaborative workspace for your team in New York, NY.

Continue reading for five steps to planning your commercial integration installation.

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3 Ways to Party with an Outdoor Audio Upgrade

Sonance bullet speaker camouflaged among poolside landscaping featuring greenery and a faux waterfall.

Send the Invitations Now - Your Home Can Become Party Central!

Introverts and extroverts can all enjoy a backyard party. There’s always something for everyone when you take the fun to outdoor spaces in Palm Beach County! More social creatures will enjoy a splashing good time by the pool, while less social butterflies will love to crack open a cold one and grill burgers for the family. 

No matter what type of party you’re hosting, or the dispositions of those you decide to invite, your Florida property will be more exciting with an outdoor audio system installation. Keep scrolling to discover three types of get-togethers you can enjoy more than ever before when you add high-performance audio to your backyard space!

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