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ACS Smart Home Integration for an Energy-Efficient Future

Motorized shades ina  casual, beachy living room, with a pool right outside the window.

Lower Energy Bills while Adding Convenience to Your Day—It’s a Win-Win Scenario

After a week of hot summer afternoons, does your mind begin to ponder how much your energy bill will cost this month? If you’re tired of the rising costs of cooling your home, consider the benefits of a smart home integration from Audio Command Systems. In Los Angeles, CA, smart homes are becoming more popular because they are a wise investment for your wallet and the planet. Continue reading to learn more about how an ACS smart home integration can reduce your energy load while adding convenience to your day.

3 Ways Ketra Lighting Control Enhances Your Hamptons Home


Illuminate Your Space by Bringing Natural Light Indoors with This Smart Home Integration

Your Hamptons, NY home lighting control system should do far more than just feature programmable light settings. Thanks to the technology from Ketra, now it can. Acquired by Lutron in 2018, Ketra's reputation speaks for itself. They offer the most advanced lighting system in the world. Still, perhaps their most impressive feature is their ability to mimic natural light, going far beyond standard smart lighting products available on the market today.

Read on to find out how you can enhance every space of your Hamptons home by upgrading to this smart home system.

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