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Considering Custom Home Integration? See What's Trending in 2023

A Savant control screen is mounted on the kitchen wall for easy access to smart home technology.

Improve Daily Living with These Smart Home Features

As smart home technologies continue to evolve, you may wonder what features homeowners are enjoying these days to improve their daily living. Could those features be beneficial to you? Of course, trends come and go, but the impact smart home devices have on our day-to-day convenience and peace of mind has remained consistent for a while now.

Continue reading to learn more about this year's trending devices. Here are some items to consider if you're considering a custom home integration for your Palm Beach, FL, residence.

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Great Working Experience

"It was a pleasure working with ACS. To be quite honest (as I always am…) working with ACS was the best experience working with any AV/Home Integration company in my entire tenure here at Hobbs. "

- Jerry Cobaugh, Hobbs Inc.

House in the Hamptons

"In today’s world, with frequent technology changes and the need or desire to integrate a number of functions, I loved working with ACS because they made the time to explain the options, price them appropriately, install them right, educate us to the proper use and follow-up as needed."

- Bob Hurst

Individualized Systems

"I more than whole-heartedly endorse Audio Command Systems and its technicians and especially Michael Pittman without whose invaluable design suggestions our system would not be as individualized and easily operable as it is. The entire installation experience and subsequent enjoyment was and is immeasurable.

- Marc Desiderio

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