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Case Study: A High-End Audio Haven in Tribeca

A spectacular New York City penthouse living area with a special, DJ-worthy high-end audio setup.

Audio Command Systems Injects High-Performance Sound into Every Inch of a Tribeca Penthouse

Everyone has heard the old saying, "No pain, no gain." It applies to many things in life, and, indeed, the most satisfying rewards often come from extraordinary efforts. As a purveyor and integrator of high-end audio systems and solutions, Audio Command Systems also relishes tackling a good challenge, one that stretches our abilities and drives us to find a way. In this post, we will feature a project that presented several challenges, from a client with high standards to a space with its own technical obstacles to overcome. Join us below as we detail how we delivered a high-performance audio haven near the top of one of New York City’s loftiest, most luxurious perches. 


Bring These Top Smart Solutions Home for the Holidays


Innovative Solutions, from High-End Audio to Voice Control

As the holidays are near, it’s the perfect time to discover what you can bring to your New York City home in the new year. You can add both luxury and convenience to your daily life with these smart features that elevate your entire home at the same time. From high-end audio to voice control, we dive into the best solutions for your living space in this blog.

Want to find out more? Keep reading on below to see how automated and AV technologies can improve your lifestyle and home.

What You Should Know About High-End Audio


Now that the MP3 is officially dead and streaming services like Spotify and Tidal are offering lossless audio subscription tiers, it’s the perfect time to invest in a high-end audio upgrade for your New York City property. But if you think all you need to get optimized sound is a wireless speaker taking up space on your bookshelf, you’re in for a disappointment. Instead, top-quality audio is about choosing the right components and optimizing your space for the perfect listening experience. Interested in learning more? Keep reading.

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Understanding Speakers

While they’re not always the first place to start building your system, many homeowners believe speakers are the most important part of an audio chain. But instead of scouring online forums and blogs about which speaker sounds best, you have to consider how they’ll sound in your space.

No two speaker brands are the same, just like no two rooms are exactly the same. Taking an in-depth look at the cabinet crafting, the materials of the drivers and other details will help inform your decision on which speaker will sound best in your space. However, there’s never a substitute for actually listening to the units.

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