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Bring These Top Smart Solutions Home for the Holidays


Innovative Solutions, from High-End Audio to Voice Control

As the holidays are near, it’s the perfect time to discover what you can bring to your New York City home in the new year. You can add both luxury and convenience to your daily life with these smart features that elevate your entire home at the same time. From high-end audio to voice control, we dive into the best solutions for your living space in this blog.

Want to find out more? Keep reading on below to see how automated and AV technologies can improve your lifestyle and home.

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McIntosh Audio: High-End Performance

You can benefit from impeccable audio in your home from McIntosh in both wireless and wired forms. The RS200 wireless sound system is perfect for powerful, clear audio and has 650 watts of power that’s delivered to eight drivers, along with a built-in subwoofer that can deal with low frequencies – all packaged in one compact unit.

The RS100 wireless bookshelf speakers are ideal for a distribution system. Each speaker can accommodate up to 16 sound channels, making it easy to start out smal and build your way up to a full-on home audio system.

Wired options include the 2-channel MXA80 with its 50-watt stereo amplifier and two speaker channels. Its native DAC lets you listen to your favorite music tunes with lossless audio anywhere in your home. The speaker is “Room Tested” and lets you easily add, arrange, and select your songs from your whole music library – with just a touch of a button.

Want more power? The MA352 2-channel amplifier gives you 200-watts per channel for eight-ohm speakers and 320-watts for four-ohm speakers. You’ll feel the power every time you press play on your McIntosh speakers.

Dolby Atmos: More than Surround Sound

Are you interested in sound for your home theater or media room that goes above and beyond? Dolby Atmos turns the standard setup on its head. It directs certain sounds and audio to specific speakers in the room, depending on the soundtrack or dialogue playing.

It’s immersion at its highest level. Dolby Atmos uses a 7.1.4 format, meaning front and rear speakers, a subwoofer, side speakers, and finally – the four overhead ones. This makes all the difference. The ceiling speakers make it feel like the helicopter is actually whirring overhead, while the others can make you feel like you’re standing right in the middle of a busy street on screen. Now just imagine those heart-pounding action scenes!

With amplifiers for the speakers, a receiver or AV processor that’s set for Dolby Atmos, and media formatted for it as well, you can enjoy a movie theater experience that rivals the one in town.

Voice Control

You might have heard about the hype surrounding voice control. But is it actually convenient for your lifestyle? The answer is yes. Integrating Alexa into your Savant system can make a world of a difference for you and your family.

Install the Alexa app and take the necessary steps to link up your Alexa to your system, and you’re ready to command any aspect of your integration and AV system with just your voice. Schedule features, set scenes, dim or brighten lights, and command different rooms. It’s as easy as saying the phrase and making it happen – that’s the power of voice control for your smart home systems.

Want to find out more about these incredible solutions for the new year? Just give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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