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Stay Cool This Summer With Home Integration


Learn How a Home Integration Company Can Help You Beat the Heat in Miami, FL

Welcome to Miami! The city where entertainment, sandy beaches, and the warm sun come together to create “paradise living.” If you are new to Florida, you’re starting to enjoy the many benefits of our state. But as we head into summer, you’ve also noticed something else – it gets really hot! In order to combat the heat – inside and out – luxury homeowners have relied on home integration to add more comfort and convenience to their lives.

In this blog, our home integration company will highlight primarily one smart home system: motorized shades and awnings. With the tap of a button or by programming your window treatments to operate automatically, you’ll ensure a pleasant environment in your home. Keep reading to find out how smart shades are the perfect choice for any small or large renovation project.  

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Light-Filtering Motorized Shades

Looking out on your lawn, the big city, or the beautiful ocean will always elevate your living experience. Who doesn’t enjoy a stunning view from their windows? Still, with the view comes the intense heat from the sun. Fortunately, motorized shades paired with your home integration system can help you beat the heat. They are excellent additions if you’re renovating your home.

Light-filtering or sheer shades from Lutron or Crestron not only lessen the heat that enters your living spaces, but they come in many colors and styles to complement your home’s décor. Best of all, you can control them seamlessly with the touch of a button in your smart home tablet or program them to operate automatically on their own (via a schedule or light sensors). These types of shades are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.

Blackout Shades & Curtains

Most new Floridians come to the state because they are escaping the frigid temperatures of the north. Well, you’re in luck! You’ll probably never see snow in South Florida. Still, you’re faced with a different problem: the afternoon sun heating up your home. If sheer shades don’t provide the lighting control you need, blackout shades and curtains are the solutions. They effectively prevent all heat and light from entering your rooms: the home theater, bedroom, or living areas.

But lest you have ugly window treatments in mind, blackout shades and curtains still have a classy look that does not detract from your room décor. In fact, they may even elevate the ambiance. For instance, blackout curtains are available in many fabrics and designs – with a blackout layer in the back and an elegant style in the front. You never need to sacrifice form for function.

Patio Shades & Motorized Awnings

Enjoy time outside, even in the heat of summer. An enclosed, air-conditioned patio gives you the feeling of being outside without sweating in the sun. Press a button on your remote or tap an icon in your home integration tablet to lower your outdoor patio shades, effectively blocking the sun while you sip lemonade with family or have drinks with friends. Or close them all the way for complete privacy. Patio shades, like interior shades, come in many varieties based on your needs.

If you prefer a more open feel on your patio, then motorized awnings help to protect you from the noonday sun. Then, as you enjoy the Great Outdoors while grilling out, watching your outdoor TV, or entertaining friends, you won’t have to worry about extreme temperatures ruining your event.

Would you like to learn more about motorized window treatments and awnings? Call our home integration company at 561-997-0550, chat with us on this page, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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