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6 Impressive Technologies That Enhance Your Smart Home


Here Are Several New Improvements You Can Make to Your Home Integration System

As smart technology improves and new products enter the market, you have an opportunity to add more luxury to your life. New 4K TVs, smarter lighting systems, and advanced motorized shades replace older models to deliver an unparalleled smart home experience. These state-of-the-art home integration products are more intuitive, faster, and easier to use than ever before.

In this blog, we’ll focus on six products that enhance your home, both its appeal and the way it seamlessly connects with technology. Learn how these technologies help make your home in Palm Beach, FL, more loveable and livable. Keep reading below.

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Smart Lighting and Motorized Shades

1. Sivoia QS Triathlon Shades by Lutron

Wireless technology has transformed our lives in so many ways – from wireless phones and laptops to remote-controlled drones for hobbyists and toy cars for children. If you live in a smart home, then you already know how enjoyable and convenient it is to control your home’s technologies by touching an icon. Lutron’s Triathlon Shades offer a fashionable, reliable, and wireless way to operate your window treatments. Available in many styles, fabrics, colors, and textures, these shades can be controlled with your smart home tablet or remote.

2. Crestron Motorized Shades

Just as impressive as Lutron’s motorized window treatments are Crestron’s shades. The shading system features Quiet Motor Technology™, so your window treatments will operate silently and conveniently with the touch of a button. Also, because the shades use brushless technology, they last much longer and offer greater reliability. When you have a Crestron smart home, you can combine the shading system with your entertainment, climate, and security system for easy one-touch control of everything.

3. Programmable Smart Lighting

What would it be like to turn all the lights on in your room or your entire home simply by tapping an icon – or just saying a short phrase? Smart lighting allows you to adjust your home’s lighting via tablet, smartphone app, elegant programmable keypads, or voice command. It’s one of the most popular and impressive smart technologies in homes. You can also program them to operate automatically, based on the time of day or other “triggers.” Both smart lighting and motorized shades add an amazing level of convenience and luxury to your life. Best of all, wireless lighting and shades come with a lifetime warranty!

Smart TVs

4. Samsung Terrace 4K TV

For your outdoor viewing pleasure, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung Terrace. It’s a remarkable way to take home entertainment outside. So, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies the same way you do in your home theater. The Samsung Terrace allows you to watch programs any day of the year – regardless of how bright the sun is. Because it is a 4K HDR TV that features QLED technology, it offers more brightness, contrast, and color than you would expect from a TV. In addition, it’s weatherproof, and the screen never fades in the sun.

5. Sony XR-83A90J Master Series

Winner of Best of CES 2021, the Sony XR-83A90J Master Series delivers a breathtaking picture that is vivid in color and real to life. Because it uses an ingenious Cognitive Processor XR, it “understands” how you see and hear, giving you a new experience that immerses you completely in the scene. The processor uses human perspective analysis to instantly analyze and optimize hundreds of thousands of elements. It also comes with an abundance of smart features, including voice control, significantly elevating your home entertainment experience.

6. Ruckus Enterprise-Grade Home Network

With all these powerful, smart, and wireless technologies, you need a robust home network to ensure everything runs smoothly and provides a reliable connection all the time. Ruckus is the answer. They design and distribute enterprise-grade products, such as routers, Wi-Fi extenders, and much more, so you can rest assured your network has the bandwidth and range to power all your wireless technologies.

Learn more about how to improve your home integration system and technologies. Call Audio Command Systems or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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