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High-End Solutions to Transform Your Home Theater System and Setup


Check Out How These Audio Brands Amp Up Your Viewing Space in Every Way

A captivating viewing atmosphere pulls you into a scene and keeps you there for the whole movie. You can only achieve this level of immersion from home theater systems that aim to deliver top-notch picture quality and high-end audio performance, every time you sit down for a film or media showing.

For the best products, you need to start with the best brands in the industry – and our team at Audio Command Systems knows which ones can completely elevate your theater setup.

Check out which solutions are right for your New York City home cinema by reading on below!


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Steinway Lyngdorf Systems

Steinway Lyngdorf gives you the ability to create and dress up your home theater setup to fit your design preferences and room layout – while still delivering a powerful sound performance with every viewing.

In-wall and on-wall speakers can stream audio directly to your ears either discreetly or on display with a unique, yet timeless theatrical design. For a completely integrated system, the 2-channel A1 and 4-channel A2 digital amplifiers provide a robust groundwork for every product in the Steinway Lyngdorf stereo or surround sound system you put in place. Their flexible design accommodates any theater system or setup – making these amplifiers the essential solution for your entertainment center.

Steinway Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect™ technology takes your room’s precise measurements and acoustics and adapts your system to your specific room setting. During a twenty-minute long process, it corrects your system’s signal and has your setup tailored to your room’s sizing, shape, and acoustics. It’s incredible sound performance catered to you.


Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos reconfigures and transforms your entire home theater experience. Instead of with a typical surround sound setup, a Dolby Atmos setup includes more speakers to your sides and overhead so that the media’s sound moves all around you and fills every last bit of space.

That additional overhead sound makes all the difference when it comes to being truly enveloped by sound during any given movie scene or sequence. You can hear a plane and birds fly above, the sounds of a city, or a superhero zoom by with this fully immersive atmosphere. This is high-performance sound in a three-dimensional space, delivering audio with precision and detail as you’ve never experienced before.

For an exhilarating movie night every night, a Dolby Atmos system setup can pack a powerful punch you just can’t find with any other brand.


Want to learn more about these high-end home theater solutions and how they can enrich your home entertainment and audiovisual experience for every media viewing? Give our team at Audio Command Systems a call at (212) 260-4715 or fill out our online contact form here – we’d love to hear from you!

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