Manage Your Home’s Energy Usage with sonnen

How the sonnen ecoLinx Helps You Optimize Your Energy

When the power goes out at your home, there might be few options available for you to get back up and running. In times of emergency, having stored energy is beneficial, but often not as cost-effective overall – until now. Now with smart energy management from sonnen, you can utilize your home’s saved energy for more than just emergency situations.

A smart energy management system lets you lower energy usage during peak times without ever having to compromise on the daily comforts of your Los Angeles, CA living space. The sonnen ecoLinx helps you achieve this smart setup. Integrated entirely with your smart integration system, you can effectively manage your home and its energy consumption with ease.

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Energy Management on a New Level

The ecoLinx easily stores power and energy from your home’s electric grid, allowing your system to store less costly energy during off-peak times – such as overnight. This makes that energy readily available during peak hours or when you’re dealing with a power outage.

So how does the ecoLinx make this energy management “smarter?” With its innovative and advanced technology, the ecoLinx uses software that monitors your home’s energy usage in real-time. Without affecting your at-home comfort, the system can effortlessly adjust your home’s energy consumption for better optimization. Instead of having to make active changes yourself to stay energy efficient, your ecoLinx will do the hard work entirely for you.

Integrating your ecoLinx with the rest of your home’s smart solutions, such as smart thermostats and lighting control, you can enjoy these features’ luxurious benefits while making them energy efficient as well.

Your ecoLinx can give you much-needed updates and information to make managing your energy even easier. With regular and accurate weather forecasts, your system can take advantage and know when to store more energy in anticipation of an outage or any type of power issue. Once a storm hits or knocks your power out, your system will have that reserved energy ready to go. You’ll not only stay safe and warm during the worst of the weather, but you can also trust that the rest of your home that relies on power stays protected. Food and other heat-sensitive essentials won’t spoil or get ruined just because of an extensive outage.


Lowering Peak Energy Demand

Being able to lower your home’s energy demand with your smart energy management system means you’ll lighten the load on your electric grid. Your ecoLinx makes this demand response more possible, while still reducing your carbon footprint.

During the off-peak times, the ecoLinx will store less expensive energy from the grid – then during peak hours, the system will distribute that same energy effectively and logically with zero impact on your daily life. Your integrated smart system will keep every smart feature and technology function in tandem with this intelligent energy consumption – prioritizing your needs and top preferences while managing your power usage efficiently. You’ll lower peak demand and take that pressure off your electric grid on a daily basis.

Want to learn more about a sonnen ecoLinx system? Start managing your energy, stress-free. Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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