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10 Landscape Lighting Techniques That Create Beauty on Your Lawn


How Outdoor Lights from Coastal Source Add Depth, Drama, and Appeal

Outdoor lighting does more than bring to light what is hidden in darkness. It also turns your property into a magical landscape to adore in the evening hours. A customized landscape lighting design enhances your yard, hardscapes, and home in a new way – one that you won’t experience during the day. Coastal Source is a landscape lighting company that makes it possible. They design and develop beautiful landscape lighting products that create stunning outdoor experiences.

However, adding appeal and depth to your lawn involves much more than installing a few pathway lights and spotlights. Instead, it takes an artistic eye to make your property in Los Angeles, CA, come alive at night. Keep reading to discover 10 inspiring solutions that light your landscape in wonderful ways.

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  1. Pathway Lighting

One of the most popular methods to light your outdoor areas is using walkway and pathway lighting. These types of lights from Coastal Source make your property safe by illuminating stone pathways, sidewalks, and lawn walkways. At the same time, the light spreads from the source a short distance – on plant beds, shrubs, and hardscapes – giving your lawn unmistakable intrigue.

  1. In-Ground Lighting

Highlight your walls, trees, and other structures from below. In-ground outdoor lighting shines upward, casting shadows that give your home and property more character and depth. Similar to pathway lights, they can also be used to provide safe passage on your property for guests.

  1. Wall-Wash Lighting

Use spotlights or floodlights at low luminosity to create a subtle glow in a wider area. This lighting technique is perfect to use on the exterior walls of your home. It not only illuminates darker areas – which is a convenient home security feature – but it draws more attention to your home’s architecture.

  1. Shadowing

When night falls and the light fades, your home becomes a blank canvas. The shadowing technique adds depth to your property, making your home an artistic landscape. Objects like trees, shrubs, columns, and hardscapes take on a unique three-dimensional appearance, rich with ambiance and drama.

  1. Grazing

Similar to shadowing, the grazing technique brings the concept closer – literally. By placing landscape lights closer to brick, architectural features, and other stonework, you add dimension and smaller shadows. The effect is impressive up close and from the road.

  1. Silhouette Lighting

Some lights are meant to be hidden. The silhouette technique involves hiding the light source behind an object to create a dark outline, highlighting it in a dramatic way. It draws attention to an interesting shape on your lawn, or it accents a surface behind the object.

  1. Hardscape Lighting

Why hide your hardscapes in the evening? Coastal Source offers a range of hardscape lighting products that feature your fountain, steps, handrails, retaining walls, or stone statues. It’s a striking way to brag about the artistic and unique components you love on your property.

  1. Deck & Patio Lighting

Hosting parties or quaint get-togethers is more enjoyable when your outdoor entertainment areas are well lit. But that means more than having a few wall lights on the side of your home. Patio and deck lighting accentuate the beauty and details of your outdoor areas, impressing your guests and helping you enjoy a wonderful time well into the evening.

  1. Moonlighting

Even if the moon isn’t shining bright, you can still enjoy the effect. A landscape light placed in a tree and directed toward your lawn creates shadows on the ground that emulate the look of moonlight. When properly positioned, you turn your lawn into an enchanting landscape.

  1. Waterscape Lighting

Whether you have a pool or spa, a pond, a fountain, or a cascading waterfall on your property, underwater lighting takes the beauty of your waterscape to a whole new level. In fact, you’ll love it more in the evening than during the day! This lighting technique produces a dreamlike water scene that is truly mesmerizing.

Fall in Love with Your Lawn Again!

Would you like to make your lawn come alive at night? Audio Command Systems uses Coastal Source products to make it happen. All the company’s landscape lighting products are completely weatherproof and finely crafted for durability and beauty. In addition, you’ll enjoy complete one-touch control of your outdoor lighting system when you have a smart home system.

Discover all your landscape lighting options by scheduling a consultation with Audio Command Systems. Call us at (310) 444-3882, chat with us below, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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