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Installing a Smart Home System? Work With a Savant Dealer


Simplify control, save energy, and more with sophisticated Savant technology

Smart home integration is simple. With one touch, you can control your AV, lights, shades, security, thermostat, and more. And nothing compares to the speed, reliability, and responsiveness of a Savant home integration system. One of the leading manufacturers of integrated technology systems, Savant, combines the control of your most-used systems for convenience and fun. Want to learn how working with a Savant dealer helps you get the most out of your New York City smart home installation? Keep reading for more.


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The Savant Difference

Savant simplifies technology by integrating multiple independent systems with a single, user-friendly interface. Instead of separate buttons and remotes for each AV component, lighting fixture, shade, security feature, and thermostat, command everything with a single touch. 

Smart home integration isn’t a fancy remote control. Group functions so they’ll work automatically. For instance, dim the lights, lower the shades, and turn on your AV system without lifting a finger. Occupancy sensors, timers, and more ensure your system operates automatically, so you can relax and enjoy it more. By working with a certified Savant dealer, you can customize functions to fit your lifestyle.

Savant systems simplify accessing, organizing, and labeling your favorite and most-used functions. Engage your technology to enhance the beauty, comfort, and security of your property. With control options, including dedicated remotes, wall panels, and the award-winning Savant app for iOS and Android, take advantage of your system with ease.

Savant: Beyond Control

Savant is known for its reliable connectivity and user-friendly control. And the company continues to improve users’ experience. From energy savings to wellness, Savant’s latest offerings make your technology better than ever.

Recently, they've partnered with USAI for a robust assortment of LED lighting fixtures. Because they’re compatible with Savant systems, you can brighten, dim, and adjust your fixtures' hue from your touch panel interface. And take advantage of the latest "tunable" features. Automatically adjust the intensity of the light through the day and promote more natural responses.

They've also partnered with Racepoint Energy for high-end energy management. The exclusive energy modules connect devices, including light fixtures, pool pumps, appliances, and other electrical loads, to deliver complete consumption data across your home. Receive real-time data and make adjustments through the Savant Pro app.

There are plenty of other great things to know about working with a Savant dealer. If you want to learn more from your local technology experts, click here or give us a call at 212-260-4715.

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