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Voice Command That’s Better Than All the Rest: Meet

Man in a home saying a voice command using technology in New York.

Control Your NYC Home With Natural Language, Respect for Privacy, and More

Imagine walking into your New York, NY home and using your voice to have the entire property respond. Shades lower, music plays, and lights turn on in an instant, all by using the sound of your voice!

Whether it’s in your dedicated listening room or in your bedroom, using is an intuitive and easy-to-use component of smart home living. Keep reading below to discover what’s different about Josh compared to all the other voice command assistants in the industry.

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Meet Josh

You’ve likely heard of Alexa, Siri, and Google, but have you met Josh? is a newer voice assistant that has been taking the luxury home integration industry by storm over the last few years.

Why Is Josh Smarter Than All the Rest?

This voice assistant uses Natural Language Understanding, a higher-functioning proprietary natural language recognition software that’s more adaptable, customizable, and easy to use than the other leading AI-powered assistants.

There’s no need for a wake word such as “Alexa,” and Josh integrates seamlessly with high-end integration platforms like Crestron and Savant. You can start small with Josh in one room, then expand your system to span a large luxury estate. There’s no need to remember clunky phrases or request one response at a time to operate your smart technologies.

Say, “Josh, at 9 a.m. tomorrow turn on the lights,” and a Josh-powered home control system is intelligent enough to understand that you were located in your bedroom when you made the request! At 9 a.m. the next day, the lights in your bedroom will turn on automatically! Talk about a wonderful way to wake up in the morning!

Respects Your Privacy

Data is a hot commodity these days, and many businesses look to sell their customers’ personal data for marketing and advertising purposes to turn a higher profit. Homeowners that use Josh can rest assured from CEO, Alex Capecelatro, that the company respects their users’ privacy, going so far as giving homeowners the ability to turn off certain AI-learning features. There is even a physical toggle switch homeowners can use for an additional layer of protection, knowing the included microphones are inert and unused whenever you want them to be.

Your Smart Home Partner

For all of your smart home needs, Audio Command is here for you. Connect with us by using our online form, or chat with us at the bottom of your screen. We can’t wait to help you bring the world of voice command to your New York home!

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