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Are You Curious About Home Integration? Let ACS Help!


Learn Why Proper Planning Is Essential with This Must-Have Home Addition

Creating the perfect home doesn't need to be complicated. By working with home integration professionals who coordinate details with all of your project's stakeholders, you can have your dream home in Los Angeles, CA, without a headache!

Keep reading below to learn how Audio Command Systems can add convenience, comfort, and more to your daily lifestyle with a Crestron Home integration and control system. Scroll below!

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The Experience of Home Integration

The latest Crestron Home interface from home integration leader Crestron is hands-down the most intuitive on the market today. It’s designed so there’s no steep learning curve for your family or guests. A tap on one screen or a swipe on another gives you full control over the entire home’s lighting, shading, audio/video, and other subsystems.

Imagine programming exterior lighting to turn on at dusk and off at sunrise, thus reducing energy waste, making your home look its best, and improving security once the sun goes down. Inside, walk into your home and press the “Home” button on an on-wall touchscreen panel or keypad. Immediately, interior lights turn on to light your path so you can set down your work items. Your multi-room AV system starts playing your favorite streaming audio station, and the shades lower to add privacy. It’s all possible with a Crestron home integration system installed by Audio Command Systems.

Planning Is Key

Once you decide home integration is a good fit for your family’s needs, then it’s time to order materials and schedule the details of your project. We work alongside industry professionals such as your interior designer, builders, and architect to design the perfect, bespoke home integration system that suits your lifestyle.

To avoid potential shipping delays and supply chain issues, it’s important to work with a professional integration partner like ACS. Not only do we already have many of the necessary project materials in stock, but we also order months in advance to prevent unnecessary project delays. With proper planning, we can avoid many issues unprofessional teams experience and proudly design and install your perfect dream home.

Your Home Integration Partner

ACS is here for homeowners’ smart home projects every step of the way. To start exploring the possibilities for your own home integration project, chat at the bottom of your screen, or connect with us here using our contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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