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3 Ways Smart Home Technology Can Improve Your Living Experience

Where would your life be without technology? If asked that question 100 years ago, most people would say they’d get along just fine without it. Certainly, early inventions like electricity, cars, and television added value to people’s lives, but most could have lived without them if necessary. Today, things are much different! In fact, our society would grind to a halt without technology.

Advancements in medicine, computers, renewable energy, and smart home technology have been completely integrated into our lives in ways our 20th-century ancestors could have never imagined. Technology improves how we live, communicate, learn, grow, and enjoy life.

Even though you use technology all the time – sometimes without thinking about it – you might not be taking full advantage of it in your home. Smart home design elevates your lifestyle to complete luxury and convenience. If you don’t have smart home integration in your Palm Beach County, FL home, then keep reading this blog. We’ll focus on three ways it gives you seamless control for sophisticated living.

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No Switches, No Dimmers – Only Smart Lighting!

Think about the number of times you flip the light switch or adjust your blinds. You’d be surprised if you kept count. Smart home integration makes it so easy to control natural and artificial lighting. Right from a smart home touchpad, smartphone app, or sleep wall panel, you can easily adjust the intensity and color of your home’s lighting. Also, one button-press or icon-tap raises or lowers your motorized shades. No need to get up to do it!

What’s even better is that smart home design also lets you set “scenes.” For instance, by tapping a “Morning” scene icon, all the lights and shades in a room or your entire home will adjust to the settings you programmed. Set scenes for all the moments in your life – breakfast, work, bedtime, movie night, or party time. Add whole-home audio into the mix, and you’ll bring more music into your life as well!

A Smarter Way to Enjoy Home Entertainment

Watching movies is so much better when you have the right technologies. Sure - you could watch TV shows and films in your living room, but why? If you really want to enjoy a cinematic experience, then a basic 4K TV and standard soundbar won’t perform to your standards. Instead, you need a customized home theater space, equipped with a large 4K UHD TV or 4K projector, smart lighting, a stunning surround-sound system, and smart home controls. Now, that’s entertainment!

Smart home design puts you in complete control of everything in your home, even while you’re watching a movie. For instance, use your touchpad or smartphone to answer the video doorbell, check the surveillance cameras, adjust the indoor climate, or pause the movie to join a video call. It’s home entertainment and home integration the way it should be.

Peace of Mind with AI-Powered Security

“Smash and grab” thieves don’t stand a chance when you have a smart security system. In fact, even tech-savvy thieves won’t be able to circumvent AI-powered surveillance cameras and smart locks. Today’s state-of-the-art security cameras are not only tamperproof, but they capture high-definition images and use artificial intelligence to identify intruders.

When you have an integrated smart home, other technologies like outdoor lighting, automatic door locks, and immediate mobile alerts make your home an inhospitable place for burglars. And if an event happens on your property, you’ll be able to locate the perpetrator by performing a simple keyword search of the digital recordings, such as “man by window,” “red car in driveway,” or “person on porch.”

Wanting to add more convenience, security, and luxury to your life with smart home design? Call Audio Command Systems at 561-997-0550, start a chat on this page, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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