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4 Smart Technology Upgrades for Your Business


Don’t Miss Out on Commercial Integration. Here’s How to Take Your Business into the Modern Age.

Smart technology is no longer the wave of the future. It’s here! In fact, you use it every day – usually without thinking about it. Whenever you operate your smartphone, car, computer, or any number of electronic devices, you’re using some form of smart technology. But are you making the most of it at your business?  

Commercial integration transforms the way you do business and ensures a profitable one too! Whether you manage a restaurant, a retail store, or a commercial office in New York, NY, you can benefit from building integration systems. In this blog, we’ll highlight four of the top commercial integration upgrades that set your business apart from the rest. Keep reading for more.

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1. How to Give Your Meetings a Makeover

Most conference rooms aren’t equipped with 4K TVs, quality in-ceiling speakers, smart lighting control, or any modern form of integration. It can be a source of frustration for presenters and attendees alike. Instead of a streamlined and productive meeting, you have one that is time-consuming with an unclear message. If you have clients, then it also creates a negative impression for your business.

However, today’s commercial AV systems are not only smart but easy to use. By upgrading your meeting rooms with smart lighting, 4K TVs or projector/screen systems, and high-quality speakers, you’ll never worry about poor audio and fuzzy image quality. Best of all, you can access and control all the technologies with a building integration interface.

2. New Lighting Creates a New Image

Are you still working in an office with fluorescent lights? What about your retail store or restaurant? When’s the last time you upgraded your lighting system? Smart lighting not only uses energy-efficient LED bulbs, but tunable lights that brighten and change colors on demand. So, if you want to create a warm atmosphere at your restaurant or store, change them to an amber hue.

Maybe you want to encourage more productivity at your office setting. Then a blue tone is ideal.

Smart lighting also lets you go hands-free. Simply program them to turn off and on automatically based on the time of day, occupancy, natural light level, or activity in the room.

3. Stylize Your Business with Smart Shades

Let the light in! Natural light does wonders to elevate your mood and bring warmth into a space. Motorized shades give you seamless control of the natural light that enters your office, retail store, restaurant, hotel, or other commercial building. Raise them in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful day. Lower them when the sun gets too bright or when it’s nighttime.  

Smart shades can operate via an integration keypad, light sensors, or pre-programmed settings. Unlike traditional shades with rods and cords, automated window treatments move smoothly and silently on a track – offering a sleek look in your commercial space and even elevating the décor.

4. A Smart Way to Secure Your Business

Tech-savvy thieves aren’t scared of an antiquated security system. But smart business security? That’s another story! Today’s security systems are powered by artificial intelligence, video analytics, and other advanced technologies. Super-high resolution surveillance cameras record and monitor everything on your property with incredible accuracy. In addition, your system sends you an immediate mobile alert when a threat is detected.

Integrate your security cameras with access controls, landscape lighting, and even whole-building audio, and you’ll scare away any intruder on your property. And capture them in the act! 

Learn more about commercial integration for your property. Call Audio Command Systems at 800-382-2939, chat with us on this page, or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation.  

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