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Winter of 2022: 3 Reasons It’s the Right Time for Smart Lighting Control!


Enhance wellness, entertainment, security and overall luxury in one step

If you’ve been following many of the home integration industry trends, you’ll know that wellness was slated to be all the rage throughout the 2020s. And though wellness-centric elements like air purification and meditation rooms haven’t reached the expected popularity, smart lighting control’s appeal steadily climbs.

We’ll discover some factors driving this trend in today’s blog and give you a few compelling reasons why now is the time to embrace lighting integration in your Palm Beach, FL, home. Stay tuned!

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Beat the Winter Doldrums

During warmer months, we casually ventured outside to enjoy our pools, patios and friends if we needed a breath of fresh air. Though it’s sunnier and warmer here than in most parts of the U.S., shorter days, social distancing restrictions and chilly weather still trap us indoors. It makes sense that we’re looking for other ways to refresh our spaces until brighter days arrive.

Enter lighting control. Lutron’s Ketra lighting systems can either optimize the few daylight hours winter provides or even stretch out the daylit period by giving your home bright, cool lighting that mimics the daytime sun. As twilight and night settle in, your home will gradually transition to an amber hue that helps you wind down. Integrated Lutron shading works in tandem with the rest of your lighting control to raise shades and lower them based on your sunlight needs and preferences.

Set the Scene for Your Wellness and Work Goals

Our daily lives require constant balance between rest and productivity, and lighting control helps with both – with very little user input. In just a button-press, set a “Work” scene for a productive day in your home office. When 5 p.m. hits, serenity is yours when you press “Relax.”

Did you set New Year’s resolutions? If so, you might be surprised at how lighting helps you achieve your goals. For example, the proper task lighting not only gives you much-needed energy at work but also makes you feel more confident and attractive on Zoom calls. And if you set a meditation goal, dim mood lighting will put you in the right headspace for complete zen.


Boost Your Security

New homeowners might forget that lighting integration adds another security layer to more obvious safety tools like alarms, monitors and cameras. Your Lutron system tricks criminals into thinking a house is occupied, creating what we like to call a “mock-upancy” scene. Lights turn off and on based on a lighting schedule that closely resembles the one you follow when you’re home, discouraging onlookers from criminal activity like burglary, vandalism or loitering.


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