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3 Unexpected Rooms to Add to Your Distributed Audio Setup


Uncover Some Can’t-Miss Spaces Where Listening Comes Naturally

If you’ve been visiting our blog page for a while, you’ve probably landed on content describing multi-room audio within a familiar context - the home theater, maybe a distributed listening space, a living room or an outdoor party area. But what if we told you that your distributed audio could expand far beyond these conventional settings and reach lesser-known rooms?

Your Los Angeles, CA, home has countless audio opportunities throughout, so we recommend enhancing each space with your music, podcasts and more. We’ll show you three underserved rooms that will be transformed once you press play.

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The Bathroom

First, don’t miss your bathroom when deciding where to place your whole-home audio. Perhaps you have a jacuzzi, a rain shower, a steam generator and some radiant flooring. If you add music, you can embrace the opportunity to convert the bathroom into a spa! With in-wall, in-ceiling or even built-in shower speakers, music will surround you as you unwind.

Plus, singing in the shower can evolve into a concert-worthy event when your in-room music projects better than any “shower speaker” you can buy online, or worse, your cell phone. Nothing prepares you for a night out or a big presentation like music that psyches you up for whatever the day brings.


The Garage

The current local and global circumstances have made many people retreat to their garages, providing many of us different hobbies than we might have enjoyed pre-pandemic, from woodworking to auto detailing. Add music to your pastime of choice to motivate or relax you.

Besides, the garage has largely replaced the gym until people feel safer returning to in-person fitness centers. Recreate that adrenaline-pumping effect and impress yourself (and your personal trainer!) with faster miles or heavier weights.

The Home Office

Do you work from home? Connect your favorite upbeat songs to your workday and watch the hours tick by effortlessly. With a mere button press or two, you can shift the mood by listening to an industry-related podcast so you can grow your skillset even during your downtime.


Bringing It All Together

Best of all, whole-home audio integrates with every facet of your lifestyle, synching with your most productive times, relaxation moments and everything in between. For example, if you’re focused on work and can’t tolerate the heavy beat in your playlist, press pause and resume the track when you’re ready – on the other side of the house! Distributed audio “communicates” with other audio zones in your home, so you can pick up where you left off or, in a few quick swipes, pick something else.


Contact Audio Command Systems Today!

Ready to add music to these unexpected rooms, as well as other spaces? You can trust Audio Command Systems to help you design and install sound that follows you from room to room. We bring more than four decades of experience and offer our clients new and emerging audio technologies from top brands like Meyer Sound, Leon and Savant. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with us through our contact form.

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