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Top Features of Whole Home Audio


Why You Need This Upgrade to Your Entertainment System

How does your speaker system look right now? Most people have speakers in their living room, and maybe speakers in their bedroom. They may require different remotes and various wires to connect to your phone or laptop for music. But here’s a way to rethink your sound system: whole home audio. With whole home audio, you can have connected, wireless speakers around the inside and outside of your New York home that are all controllable through your smartphone.

Here are the best features of whole home audio you can enjoy at your New York home.


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Centralized Source

One of the pains of having separate, disconnected speakers around your home is only being able to connect your phone or computer to one of them to play music. What if all your speakers could play music from a central music source, like your phone? That’s possible with whole home audio. You can use your phone, computer, or tablet to play your favorite playlists off iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, whatever you use — and choose which specific speakers to play them on.


Smartphone or Voice Assistant Control

You can use your smartphone to play music, a podcast, or whatever audio file you choose to play on your whole home audio system. You can also use your phone for other settings, like adjusting the volume of each speaker. Instead of going up to each speaker to change its settings, you can do it from wherever you’re standing or sitting! You also can program your system to listen to voice commands for hands-free control.


Simultaneous Playing

There are plenty of moments to let loose and play music in your home. Instead of blasting your living room speakers to circulate audio, you can use whole home audio to distribute sound more evenly. With whole home audio, you can have the same content play simultaneously across all your indoor and outdoor speakers, so your music sounds perfect wherever you roam around your home. You’ll no longer have to confine your audio system to a single room.

Make this summer even better and play your favorite music all year round with a whole home audio system. You can trust Audio Command Systems to help you design and install an audio command system that fits all your needs and wants. We bring 44 years of experience and offer our clients new and emerging technologies. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with us through our contact form.

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