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What Is A Distributed Home Audio Video System?


Your guide to distributed audio in New York City

Imagine filling your entire home with the sound of your music. Change songs with the simple press of a button, play a different song in each room of your house, or blast your party playlist throughout your home. Keep reading to learn what distributed audio video is and how it will help your home audio-video system in New York City.

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What is Distributed Audio Video? 

Distributed audio means adding wired or wireless speakers throughout your home, or “distributing” them. These devices are in constant communication with each other and can be accessed from your smart device of choice. You can then play different music in different rooms or play the same music across all of your home's speakers. The advent of wireless, Bluetooth speakers has made distributed home audio-video easier than ever. Distributed audio video has become affordable for consumers of all levels. You no longer need complex wired systems to have audio in every room of your home.

 How Does It Work? 

Control your home audio-video systems with just the press of a button or a voice command. Multi-room devices now include smart speakers, Bluetooth speakers, AV receivers, amplifiers, network streamers, and soundbars. Companies have begun to create audio systems that specialize in multi-room audio.

Amazon, Apple, Google, Bluesound, Sonos, Acram, and Audio Pro are all fantastic options for those that want the top of the line multi-room audio systems. Do you already have a hi-fi system? Don't worry! Some devices can connect your current system to a multi-room one. You can stream music from popular streaming services, play music from a storage device, or play music straight from your phone.  

How does it connect to the internet?

There are two ways that distributed audio networks work. The first is by connecting to your home's Wi-Fi. This means that they rely on the strength of your home network and will use bandwidth while streaming music. The other is through a mesh network. This means that the speakers form their own internal network after connecting to your home network. This saves you bandwidth when streaming music.


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