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Improve Your Home’s Wireless Network Connectivity & Performance


A Robust Network Keeps Your New York City Smart Home Running

A smart home network needs to be strong in order to keep your systems and solutions running without interruption or delay. You might have reservations over whether wireless networking can offer the same reliability as a wired system can – we’re here to tell you that with the right equipment, you can expect extensive coverage for your whole New York City property.

In this blog, find out how you can strengthen your network’s connectivity and keep it up and running at all times. Keep reading on below for more.


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Your Home Network: The Foundation of Your Smart Home


It’s true: how well your home network performs has a major impact on how the rest of your smart home functions on a daily basis. Every device and product falls back on the network, so if it isn’t a reliable or secure network, you’ll run into issues along the way, from buffering videos to hackers trying to steal personal data.

With a wireless network, you want to ensure its coverage reaches every last corner of your property. So how can you eliminate weak connectivity spots and guarantee that you keep your Wi-Fi as you walk throughout your home?

With Ruckus network equipment, you can expect top-tier connectivity and protection throughout the day and night. You won’t have to worry about dead zones leaving you with a loading screen on your smartphone, or a smart feature glitching because the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach that area of the house.

Ruckus access points throughout your home ensure this continuous level of connectivity. You can rely on Ruckus to offer dependable coverage that operates smoothly and keeps your personal information safe and secure. Plus, Ruckus offers equipment for access points both inside and outdoors. There won’t be any area of your home not covered – now your wireless network can function at its best for the benefit of your smart home.


Continual Check-In with Remote System Monitoring

While your wireless network can provide coverage and top-notch connectivity for your whole home, there are still issues that can arise as with any smart technology. If there is ever a glitch with your Wi-Fi connection or network in general, you’ll want it taken care of as soon as possible. That’s where remote system monitoring comes in.

Cisco offers 24/7 remote monitoring of your network, ensuring that it’s functioning as it should be at all times. Expert staff can identify any potential problems before they happen or will work to resolve any issue that has popped up. You’ll have complete communication with the Cisco staff, so you never feel left out of the loop as they work to get your network back to running as normal.


Want to learn more about giving your wireless networking a boost? A professional installation with the trusted products we mentioned above is the way to go. Feel free to give our team at Audio Command Systems a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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