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The Best Motorized Window Treatment Options to Lower Your Utility Bills


Find Out Why We Partner With Crestron and Lutron for Our Shading Solutions

One of the best ways to fight high heating and cooling costs in New York City is through motorized window treatments.

New York City isn’t exactly known for being inexpensive. Utility bills in particular can skyrocket during the hot summer months and upgrading your home’s insulation isn’t always an option.

Not only can that end up costing you so much money that it could take years (or over a decade) to recoup your costs, but in a city like New York, with its huge mashup of regulations and restrictions, sometimes it just isn’t even feasible.

Automated shades, blinds, and drapes are an elegant middle ground. Not only do they help you save on costs by blocking direct sunlight, but they also make your home look beautiful, increasing resale value.

And on top of that, modern smart window treatments can be controlled right from your smart device of choice, making your life that much easier and allowing you, in some cases, to schedule your window treatments to open and close with the season.

Here are some of our favorite motorized window treatment options.

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Crestron Motorized Window Treatments

Crestron is one of our favorites for a simple reason—they combine beauty and elegance with utility and function.

It’s clear with Crestron that you’re getting a high-end product. They offer a variety of options that you’ll be hard-pressed to find with other vendors.

One option we love telling our customers about is their exclusive Color Match service, allowing you to pick the precise color and shade you want for your window treatments so that they will perfectly match your decor.

Crestron is also well known for having some of the quietest automated window treatments in the world. The method of manufacture that makes them so quiet also makes them last, so when you buy a Crestron system, you’re buying for the future.

All their options do an excellent job of reducing direct sunlight to help maintain the temperature of your home.

Learn more about Crestron’s products here.

Lutron Motorized Window Treatments

What we love about Lutron is the variety. Lutron is known for being an industry leader, having created the first vertical drapery system that pulls drapes up and completely out of the way, just like you’d expect with blinds.

They’re an award-winning brand with tons of great options, especially if you have skylights or angled windows. Their cable-guided systems and tensioned shades are perfect for those unique windows that you can’t find the right window treatment for.

They’re also excellent for reducing light gaps, which increases the shade in your home and keeps harsh sunlight out when it’s unwanted.

Learn more about Lutron’s products here.

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