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Motorized Window Treatments Enhance Every Space in Your Manhattan Apartment


When homeowners consider what smart technology to add to their homes, they often contemplate automated HVAC and lighting control or media rooms with high-performance speakers and stunning visuals.  Yet one of the most overlooked pieces of home technology, designed for your windows, are motorized shades.  This elegant addition to any sun drenched room adds comfort, convenience, and beauty.  Let’s explore further how motorized window treatments can augment various rooms in your home.

Living room
Sun exposure throughout the day can damage room interiors.  Faded floors, sun bleached upholstery, and cracked wood finishes are just some of the results of too much sun.  With automated shades, homeowners can easily protect furniture, fine art, rugs, and wood surfaces from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  And the best part, you don’t need to be home to open or close the blinds.  Motorized window treatments can be programmed to respond to temperature fluctuations inside the room, scheduled for time of day or season, and compensate for sunrise and sunset changes throughout the year with their astronomic clock.  

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Dining room
Motorized shades and draperies not only add style and elegance to your dining room, but can easily transition the space to create the right amount of light for a dinner party or add privacy for a late-night family snack.  Perfectly aligning the shades within a bank of windows is nearly impossible.  But with motorized window treatments, every shade can move in perfect synchronization, and without those unsightly pull cords.  A motorized shading system can also incorporate lighting controls for ultimate ambiance control.

Media room
Enjoy more movies and television without harsh glare or a washed-out picture due to sunlight streaming through the windows.  Press the play button on your remote and watch as the shades respond appropriately by lowering to block out sunlight.  Want to see just how simple, yet elegant this kind of control can be?  Take control of a media room including the lights, music, shades, and the television using our interactive demo.

There’s no need to wake to a blaring alarm clock.  Instead, shades can be synced to slowly open over the course of an hour or so to gently rouse you from sleep.  Do you have floor to ceiling windows in your Manhattan apartment?  Effortlessly raise or lower motorized shades using a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Foyers and hallways
If your home has many windows, manually opening and closing multiple drapes and blinds can be a real hassle.  By adding motorized window treatments you can adjust them at the touch of a button.  Additionally, the system can be programmed to raise and lower shades according to your schedule.  Add a sense of security by having drapes and blinds open and close throughout the day giving the appearance that someone is home even if your hundreds of miles away.

Heat gain
Finally, shades can be programmed seasonally to allow additional sunlight to enter spaces in the cooler months to help warm your home, and less in the warmer months to reduce the amount of air conditioning you’ll need.  This will reduce your utility usage along with your carbon footprint.

To complete the look and feel of your home, incorporate window treatments that not only complement each room’s décor, but also serve a greater purpose.  Whether you want to outfit an entire apartment or add shades to one room at a time as your needs require, ACS can provide expert guidance.  Contact us at 1-800-382-2939 or schedule an appointment via our online form.

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