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Crestron Shades Add Beauty and Comfort Throughout Your Home


Elevate the Ambiance of Any Room with Crestron’s Automated Shades

Do your shades look shabby? They may not be damaged, but they certainly don’t provide the ambiance-boosting qualities you want. Or maybe they are attractive, complementing your décor, but you need to operate them manually. Raising all the shades in your home – every day – takes time and effort. What you need are premium shades and seamless control! Fortunately, you can enjoy both with Crestron’s automated shades!

Crestron designs and manufactures beautiful and durable motorized shades that give you one-touch control via a touchpad, remote, or smartphone app. Keep reading to see how Crestron’s shades transform the look and feel of your home in New York, NY.

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The Features & Benefits of Crestron Shades

You pull down your manual shade, quickly release it, and it zips up, making a loud fluttering sound. That doesn’t sound like “luxury,” does it? Crestron’s automated shades are truly luxurious. They feature the company’s own Quiet Motor Technology™ to ensure the operation of your shade is silent. Tap a button or icon, and the shade raises or lowers without a sound. The brushless motor is not only ultra quiet but long lasting. 

In addition, Crestron’s motorized shades are perfect in any room. Put aside any thoughts of white vinyl shades that look like something you’d find at a thrift store. Instead, Crestron offers a wide range of styles (we’ll discuss that shortly). Best of all, their color match service lets you choose the highest-quality shades for your home in the exact color you want – not hundreds of colors, but thousands! Just supply a color code or physical sample, and you’ll have the perfect match for your room.

4 Motorized Shade Styles

Crestron Roller Shades

Take control of the daylight and protect your home’s privacy during the evening. Crestron’s roller shades offer a clean look in your home and are available in transparent, translucent, and blackout fabrics (perfect for your bedroom or home theater). If you prefer dual-shade functionality, you can have that too! For instance, a dual shade can have translucent fabric and blackout fabric. Push a button to control each to set the right environment in your room.

Crestron Horizontal Sheers

If you’re after elegance, then horizontal sheer shades from Crestron are the ideal choice. This shading solution features horizontal slats that float between two layers of sheer knitted fabric. Like all of Crestron’s shades, the motorized operation of them is ultra quiet. Available in a wide selection of colors and materials, these shades also complement any design motif in your home.

Crestron Roman Shades

Make a bold statement in any room in your house with roman shades. Not only can you control them with a wall-mounted keypad, a tablet, or your smartphone, but you decide what they look like – no limits! In fact, Crestron completely customizes its roman shades. After you provide your preferences and specifications, they fabricate the final roman shade with your preferred fabric.

Many Other Customization Options

Do you want a drapery system, concealed pockets, or shade housing? Crestron has everything you need to ensure your window treatments create the “wow” effect in your home. Add a smart lighting system into the mix, and you’ll enjoy a beautiful home with perfect control of natural and artificial light.

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