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4 Essential Components You Need for a Custom Home Theater


How to Ensure Your Cinema Space Provides a Luxurious and Immersive Experience

The phrase “custom home theater” is used quite often these days. That’s because many homeowners are trying to find ways to bring the movie-theater experience into their private residences. And for a good reason! There’s nothing quite like watching a movie on your own big screen with the music, dialogue, and sound effects immersing you completely in the space. But what really is a custom home theater?

With private cinemas becoming more and more popular, you’ll also find those who claim to design and build home theaters, but the end-product doesn’t live up to their promises. At Audio Command Systems, we are truly experts in the field! In this blog, we’ll highlight the four components you need to have an impressive custom home theater at your existing home or new build in Los Angeles, CA.

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The Sights

Without a phenomenal display, your home theater experience will fall flat. So, don’t be fooled. A standard 4K TV in your cinema space – like you have in your living room – might not cut it. Instead, you need a home theater TV from makers like Sony. They design and manufacture high-end, ultra-high-definition TVs that are specifically designed to deliver grand cinematic experiences.

Whether it’s a 4K HDR TV, an 8K TV, or an ultra-short-throw projector, the display is vivid and bright. You’ll enjoy unprecedented color, amazing contrast, and unpixellated and lifelike video that captures the imagination. It’s just like you’d see in the movie theater. In fact, when we’re finished, it will look even better!

The Sounds

The next technology you absolutely need in your custom home theater is an expansive surround-sound system. After all, what’s the point of having an eye-catching display if you’re using only your TV speakers or a soundbar? For instance, home theater speakers from Meyer Sound deliver an unparalleled audio experience. When a plane flies overhead in the movie, the sound moves from speaker to speaker, making you feel like it’s right above you.

Why settle for anything less? After all, you want to immerse yourself in a movie, not simply watch it. With a premium surround-sound system, you’ll enjoy unrivaled audio clarity, rumbling lows, and reliable overall performance that is truly breathtaking. A surround-sound system isn’t only for movie-watching; you can listen to your favorite songs too.

The Seating

And now, an understated component in your home theater: the seating! While the best audio and video technology is essential, your comfort is just as important. After all, it’s not a luxury home theater if you don’t have luxurious seating. And don’t think that an ordinary sofa or La-Z-Boy belongs in your high-end theater space. Instead, you need powered reclining seats with cupholders, a swivel tray, smart home control, and all the frills.

There are so many colors, styles, and fabrics to choose from to complement your design preferences. But don’t stop with the seats. Customization extends to the floors, walls, window treatments, and ceiling. In fact, you can make your entire space into a themed environment. Your options are endless. Give your home theater the personality you want!

The Smart Lighting

You have a vibrant display, a surround sound system, and luxury seating and décor. Now, bring it all to light with smart lighting. A professional lighting design creates the right ambiance in your theater. With tunable lighting, you can change the color and intensity to create the mood you want.

Although theater décor does wonders to add a thematic element to your space, lighting can set your home theater apart from the other rooms in your house. Because theater lighting is integrated with your smart home system, you can adjust it by touching a button on your smartphone, touchpad, or remote.

Are you considering a home theater in your new or existing home? Get started by calling Audio Command Systems, chatting with us on this page, or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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