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The Day-To-Day Delights Of A Home Audio-Video System


5 Ways to Enjoy Music and Media Throughout Your Home

Music, movies, and media are all a part of our lives. Whether you’re watching a TV show with your family, browsing social media, listening to your favorite playlist, or playing online games, your life is enriched by the media you enjoy. Why not make the experience even better? Home audio-video and a control system like Crestron Home let you take home entertainment to new heights.

From morning to night and room to room, you add more delight to your day with media that plays throughout your entire home. Best of all, you can control it with just the tap of a button on your smart device. Keep reading to discover how to make your home in Palm Beach, FL, an audio-video marvel.

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Wake to Your Favorite Songs

Do you really want a blaring alarm clock to wake you up in the morning? Of course not! There’s a more pleasant way to stir from sleep. Instead, let your favorite songs fill the room to put you in the right mood for the day. An in-room speaker system makes it all possible. It’s easy to set up on your Crestron Home system. Simply select the songs you want to play, the volume level, and the time. Then, when morning comes, it all happens automatically. You can even program your Lutron lighting system to slowly illuminate, helping to energize you.

Home Entertainment at Its Finest

Anyone can plug in a TV to watch movies or stream online music. But if you really want to take home entertainment to the pinnacle of perfection, then a home theater is a must. Surround-sound systems immerse you in the movies with dialogue, sound effects, and music that fills the room and washes over you – making you feel like you are actually in the movies. Also, 4K TVs or projectors deliver ultra-vivid, bright, and beautiful displays that are incredibly lifelike. Choose your size – from 48” to 100” TVs to projectors that cast displays as big as 200”.

High-End Music in a Dedicated Media Room

Nothing beats the sound of high-end audio. It’s pure unadulterated music – just like the original artists intended. That means no audio compression or distortion at all. If you haven’t heard music through high-end speakers, such as Meridian, then you’re in for a treat. And you don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate the difference between standard speakers and high-end brands. Put high-performance speakers in your media room, select a song in your Crestron Home tablet, press play, and you may never want to leave. The sounds are truly sensational!

Outdoor TVs & Audio Make Entertaining More Fun

You’ve got a stunning backyard space: a well-landscaped lawn, a pristine pool with cascading waterfalls, and an expensive porch with an outdoor kitchen. But is it missing something? If you don’t have an outdoor entertainment system, it certainly is! Ultra-bright outdoor TVs and premium speaker systems transform how you entertain friends and enjoy your outdoor areas. Watch a movie with family or a big game outside with friends. Listen to your favorite playlist while wading in the pool in the evening. Outdoor AV makes outdoor living so much better.

Room-to-Room Music in Your Home

You could wear earbuds to listen to music while at home, but why? Wouldn’t you like to dance to your favorite tunes, unencumbered by attached technology? At the same time, unlike earbuds, a whole-home audio system lets you feel the music. Turn it up and feel the bass rumble throughout your body.

Premium speakers deliver incredible sound quality too. These aren’t elevator speakers that play Muzak! Instead, you’ll enjoy all your favorite songs – rock, blues, pop, country, classical, or any other genre – through high-performance speakers. Best of all, you can choose where to play your music and even select different rooms for different playlists.

Would you like to add more entertainment to your new or existing home? Get started by calling Audio Command Systems, chatting with us below, or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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