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A Simply Spectacular TV Display for Your Outdoor Spaces


Tantalize Your Senses with an Outdoor TV from Séura or C SEED

What do you enjoy most about being outside? The fresh air, warm sun, sounds of nature, or time with friends and family? Perhaps, you love them all! Here’s a way to make the experience even more enjoyable. As you look out on your porch, pool deck, or backyard, just think what it would look like with a large, vibrant, and ultra-smart TV. Brands from Séura and C SEED take your outdoor entertainment enjoyment to a whole new level.

Both companies design and manufacture outdoor AV equipment that makes outside viewing immensely pleasurable and seamless. In this blog, we’ll highlight the impressive features of both brands and why you should consider one of their outdoor TVs on your property.

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Experience Superior Outdoor Viewing with Séura TVs

There’s a reason you love living in your home. Whether you have a custom pool with waterfalls and a swim-up bar, an expansive vista with lush landscape designs, or a large luxury home with a stunning view of the ocean, one thing is certain. If you plan to put a TV outside, it needs to be the best. Nothing detracts from the appeal of your property like a subpar TV in your outdoor space.

Outdoor TVs from Séura are not only sleek and smart, but they are bright enough for you to watch movies and TV shows outside when the sun is shining or the stars are out. Instead of detracting from the beauty of your lawn, they actually enhance it and elevate your outdoor entertainment experience. The company’s full-sun and full-shade models are designed to deliver the vibrant color, contrast, and brightness you demand for uncompromising quality.

Both the Shade Series and Ultra-Bright series are completely weatherproof and include 4K resolution with HDR technology. Whatever you watch on your Séura will “pop” – a picture that is unhindered by the sun’s rays and outdoor environments. Also, Séura’s TVs use Adaptive Picture Technology that optimizes the display settings based on the lighting conditions. Choose from a range of sizes to suit your needs: 43”, 55”, 65”, 75”, or 86”.

C SEED: The World’s Largest Unfolding TV

Perhaps you want something bigger – much bigger. And you prefer a TV that disappears when you’re not using it. Outdoor TVs from C SEED are for homeowners who want the ultimate outdoor viewing experience at their luxury homes. If you’re looking for a big screen, is 144 inches big enough? If not that, how about 201 inches?! C SEED never compromises when it comes to creating the biggest and best in digital outdoor entertainment.

Not only are their sophisticated TVs made from durable high-grade materials, but they are imposing and even inspiring. When not in use, the TVs are housed in a compact and shallow compartment box of only 33.4 inches – neatly and nicely tucked away. If you want to watch a movie, TV show, or sporting event, push a button on your smart home tablet, and the column rises in 15 seconds, and seven LED panels unfold soundlessly within the next 25 seconds to produce a 201-inch display.

Both TVs, the 144 and 201, use state-of-the-art pixel power to produce ultra-high-resolution images. The display is as bright as 4,000 nits with an incredible refresh rate of 3,840 Hz. The result is a crystal-clear picture you can easily see and enjoy even in the brightest daylight conditions. Add an immersive outdoor audio system, and you create the perfect environment for entertainment.

Upgrade your outdoor AV experience with a Séura or C SEED TV. Call Audio Command Systems, chat with us below, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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