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The Cinema Experience in Your Home


A Custom Home Theater Furnishes Superior Audio and Stunning Video Beyond Compare. 

Film is a powerful medium, one where we have built temples in which to experience this art form. The stories on screen are created with the cinema setting firmly in mind. The esteemed critic Roger Ebert echoed this sentiment, saying: “In the previous century the movie theater was often, in smaller towns and cities, the only grand architectural statement, save perhaps for a church or courthouse. They unashamedly provided a proscenium for our dreams.”

As we view more movies from home, there is no reason to lose the sense of drama and revelry. In fact, a custom home theater in your Los Angeles, CA home can create a far more evocative affair. 

One of the advantages of living in a smart home is having streaming sources and curated content available at the touch of a button.  The right design and technology enhance your movie-watching moments with immersive sound and stunning video quality.

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Perfection in Projection

Of course, the screen image is central to a home theater setup. The best at-home cinema projectors provide the large screen experience furnishing superb image detail with 4K and 8K resolutions. There are many projectors to choose from; only a few meet the standards set by our design team. 

Since the beginning of the custom home theaters, Sony has been a strong proponent and innovator. The company has advanced awareness of what the act of watching movies means. Our partnership with Sony means we can offer a line of eye-popping projectors to fit any budget. In addition to the extraordinary depth of field and millions of pixels, the industry-leading High Dynamic Range (HDR) results in blacks that are blacker and brighter whites. 

As Sony installs projectors in major theaters as well as in the home, they understand how directors intend that images look. Movies are shot in a wide-screen format like Cinemascope, furnishing expansive vistas that draw you into the story. Standard projectors cannot accommodate this aspect ratio; instead, they alter the image to fit a standard 16:9 format. The results are black bars above, below, and to both sides. You can fill the screen with specialized settings and anamorphic lenses as cinematically intended. 

Awe-Inspiring Audio 

We live in a world where sound is all around us, all the time. In our daily life, we often take direct and sometimes subtle unconscious cues from these sounds. Surround sound systems reproduce this 360-degree auditory element, enveloping viewers into the action on-screen.

Creating a hyper-realistic sound field is the speakers’ responsibility, producing detailed and precise audio. Meridian builds high-resolution systems based on a keen knowledge of how humans hear. The speaker, amplification, and processing systems continue to break boundaries and conventions to produce a visceral listening experience.

Meridian is dedicated to delivering audio beyond the ordinary and allows you to suspended reality. Using pioneering research into the science of psychoacoustics and painstakingly crafted products, Meridian generates the ultimate movie moments. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities our Home Technology Association-certified team can provide? Connect with our team by calling (800) 382-2939 or fill out our online contact form to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

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