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The Future of Huddle Rooms Is Now

There is a huddle room technology that fits your business’s needs, from basic to comprehensive. Find out which works for you. 

Businesses run on communication and collaboration. While the structure of teams these days has us engaging remotely, the need to meet together will return. It is in our nature to create concepts and resolve issues when we gather in a common space to work collectively.

Huddle rooms are at the center of this return to intimate co-operation. When we do get back to work, it is clear that things will be a bit different. Expertspredict that most companies will establish flex schedules with teams returning to the office on limited days. You need a conferencing system that can keep in-house and remote teams productive. 

Now is the perfect time to plan and install updated huddle room technology in your Miami, FL based business. Are in interested in learning more about options that will make your staff more flexible and productive?  Read more below.

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Make the Most of Your Meetings

Personal conferencing has made it seem like all you need is a laptop and a semi-quiet room to hold a productive meeting. This may be true when the conversation is between two or three people; however, there are inherent issues many off-the-shelf systems present.  

Effective communication requires that both sides of the discussion be heard and seen clearly. Laptop and mobile devices are notorious for their less than stellar microphones and speakers; nothing can derail a meeting more than the continuous mantras of ‘can you repeat that’? 

Not all businesses are built the same, and no one-size-all huddle room technology will work. At Audio Command Systems, we offer tiered options that fit your needs and grow as you do. 

Zoom Enterprise 

Zoom is the conferencing platform that even your grandparents have used. The basic package provides simple multi-user connections. The software’s ubiquity overshadows its robust enterprise tools and business-centric applications.

The platform offers approved basic hardware packages through their qualified integrators that get you up and running. You get hands-on help through every step of the design, development, and deployment. When you implement the system within a business or across multiple locations, you can rely on enterprise-grade room management software.

You do not need to limit yourself to the Zoom packages; the company has licensing agreements with major manufacturers of interface and automation companies. With the support of both SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and H.323, the cloud service can work with numerous hardware configurations. Find the right package and support for your level of business. 

Logitech Meetup

Logitech has a multi-decade history of providing supporting accessories for computers. The company’s cameras are considered de rigueur for personal conferencing. In the huddle room, Logitech supplies neatly designed packages that make sure you have the right equipment for the room. 

The Meetup and Tap kit combine the high-definition camera with the RightSound and RightSight technologies that enhance voice clarity and ensure everyone in the room is framed correctly. Tap, the meeting room controller, enables you to schedule meetings and rooms, connects for instant content sharing, and uses one touch to start sessions. The unit comes pre-configured with tools to work with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting, Ring Central, and more. 

Logitech understands that large-scale deployment of huddle room technologies comes with complexities. The Logitech Sync dashboard simplifies your assets’ monitoring and management to maximize productivity and minimize downtimes. Confirm room occupancy numbers, pre-emptively resolve potential issues with real time monitoring of rooms, update firmware efficiently during off-use hours. Sync also provides metric or room use, enabling you to understand usage patterns and workflow. 

Crestron Collaboration

Crestron is the premier enterprise collaboration and control system. With the Flex family of UC  huddle room technologies, you are certain to communicate effectively. With pre-installed tools for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more, you can use the platforms your team is already comfortable with. 

Smaller collaboration space can often be overwhelmed by one-size-fits-all interfaces, making access and control awkward. Crestron redesigned the M-Series tabletop not only to fit the furniture but to work better within it as well.  While smaller in size, the unit packs a lot into the 7-inch screen without sacrificing ease-of-use or functionality. Connection for presentation sources is simple and straightforward, encouraging repeated use. 

Being understood and seen is what meeting rooms are for; Crestron builds components that guarantee effective communication. Whether you are utilizing the tabletop unit with built-in microphone arrays, expansion microphones, or the soundbar, teams on both sides of the call can be understood. Top-quality HD and 4K cameras bring remote groups closer together with image detail that blurs the line between locations. 

Crestron’s remote monitoring and management tools are the innovative platforms other companies try to match. The XiO cloud platform allows IT administrators to oversee equipment resources, spot trouble issues, and ensure that room use does not conflict or exceed the maximum occupancy. Metrics data furnishes you with room functionality views, giving you the power to make the most of your assets. 


In-person collaboration is coming back: Are you ready to maximize meetings with the right huddle room technology? Our commercial AV experts are here to help. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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