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The Home Office, Transformed


Crestron HomeTime Technology Turns Your Home Office Into a Collaboration Space. 

Whether by necessity or a lifestyle choice, it is clear that the trend towards working from home is growing exponentially.  This change was well underway before the events of 2020, but the accelerated manner in which the majority of work changed has made remote work normal.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, many founders are already committing to having an average of 70 percent of staff work remotely for the next five to ten years.  Studies have also shown that the productivity of workers has maintained or slightly increased. No matter how they got there, many employees are rethinking the attraction of high-density living for work. Many have already made a move to accommodate the current health precautions and manage a life-work balance actively. 

In order to accommodate the needs of remote work, we have turned to online conference tools.  Regardless of location, any conferencing set-up must provide a means not only to connect with others. We must have the ability to talk remotely as if we are all in the same room.


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Communication, Clarity, Is Key

Business runs on communication; it is the personal interactions that generate new ideas and solutions. When we cannot do this physically face to face, our tools need to let us present with a natural flow; the Crestron HomeTime solution provides proven technology.

Many software-based collaboration tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are explicitly designed to be easy to get up and run by anyone. While this simple process offers the benefit of bringing individuals online quickly, a key ingredient is often missing.

Have you ever listened to an analyst call on Bloomberg radio?  It is striking just how bad the audio is, causing you to lean towards the radio unconsciously. Clearly the presenters are gathered around a speakerphone pushing their voices to near shouting. The same is happening when we join online conference meetings. It is not productive, and it often lacks coherence.

It has been shown that speakers or presenters with quality video and excellent audio clarity garner more attention and more positive responses. Meeting attendees perceive these individuals to be more trustworthy, have more robust ideas, and have real influence.

Tailored for Business, Right at Home

Crestron HomeTime is built on innovative network-based technology like their Digital Media systems. Using category Ethernet-based cabling delivers ultra-high definition and 4K throughout luxury homes and demanding conference rooms.

The system includes high-quality cameras designed for the home office or a more relaxed breakout from your lounge. The audio is always crystal clear, ensuring your presentation is intelligible, and your teammates can be heard as if they were in the same room. The system even includes a single button push 'do not disturb' light, letting other family members know that you are on a call.  Your calls can be managed from the Crestron app, the integrated remote control, or the remarkable Mercury X tabletop conference system. Schedule, share, and manage meetings, control the volume and camera to suit the moment.

Whether as a stand-alone or integrated into your existing Crestron system - Audio Command Systems and HomeTime will transform any home space into a collaboration zone. Connect with any personal device (including your living-room TV!) and run any application from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and more.

Interested in upgrading your home conferencing system to one that meets your personal and professional needs? To get in touch with our team, contact us either by calling (800) 382-2939 or by clicking the button below. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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