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The Benefits of Motorized Shading

Lutron Motorized Shades Maximizes Ambience and Energy Savings

Window treatments bring not just fashion but function as well to a room. We all know that a room looks incomplete without something on the windows to frame it all. It is the final piece in setting a space’s final effect.

In addition to acting as an accent to the decor of the room shades, blinds can lower your energy costs and provide a sense of privacy. Motorized window shades give you the means to best utilize daylighting, using the sun over electric illumination, and managing temperatures inside your Miami, Florida home.
Lutron shading solutions provide a wide variety of styles and the convenience to set them with a touch of a button or in conjunction with a smart lighting system.

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Tame the Power of the Sun

Our windows convey the natural light of the outdoors into our homes. While sunlight imparts a host of benefits to our state of mind and balance with the daily circadian rhythms, sometimes it can be too much of a good thing. Without protection, the power of the sun can quickly make a room or home unbearably hot, or even make your cooling system work overtime. As any of us who have spent five minutes here, this is especially true for Miami.

Motorized shading gives you the control to set just how much light to let in, block it all with blackout materials or provide a glow of sun with sheers. You can manage the balance between ambiance, daylight, and energy savings.

When combined with a home control system, the house can maintain itself by lowering and raising shades by day, temperature, or feedback from other house systems. This keeps your home consistently comfortable, saving you money and time.

Manual control is always available via in-wall interfaces, touch screens, voice commands, and remote locations via apps.

Privacy and Protection

It has been said the windows are the eyes to the soul of your home. You can revel in the vistas your home looks out upon, but this also means many can also see in.  A home should provide comfort and sanctity; automated shades can help ensure that it always is. You do not need to sacrifice the beauty of the outdoors for privacy: At the touch of a button, you can bring down sheers that let the light in but prevent peering eyes from invading your intimate space. If you are looking for complete protection, you can also set the blackout shades to block everything.

Shades also protect your furnishings and art from fading from damaging UV rays. By diffusing the light entering a room, the items you value and adore will not be damaged.

Fabrics and Fashion

Lutron offers an extensive choice of collections, colors, prints, and fabrics to fit any room's aesthetic. Crafted with the demanding standards of leading designers and interior decorators in mind, Lutron shades will satisfy their vision and yours.

You can start looking now with the Lutron fabrics site. Here you can browse and share ideas and view the inspiration galleries.  The shades are made of sustainable materials that resist fading, keeping their looks for years.

Of course, one type of shade does not fit every room. You can choose from roller shades, horizontal sheers blinds, honeycomb shades, Kirbé vertical drapery, and even wood blinds.

Our team is exceptionally skilled in both installation and support of your integrated technologies, including motorized shades. Work to ensure you can choose the right fabrics, formats, and settings. From pre-installation to final fit, we are getting it right the first time. 

Give our team at Audio Command Systems a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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