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Using Natural Light Cycles to Improve Home Illumination

Audio Command and Ketra Lighting products can improve personal well-being and room beauty by tapping into circadian rhythms and exterior lighting complements. Ready to explore why there’s more to light than meets the eye and see how it affects design, mood, and wellbeing? Read on to learn more about human-centric lighting!

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The Light of our Lives

Light and lighting are essential elements in our daily lives. The type of light our environment provides can influence not just how we see but also how we see and feel about the things around us. Theater and movies make extensive use of lighting to provoke emotions about a character, a location, or the general tenor of the story.

A thoughtfully designed room lighting brings out its best elements, evoking a sense of comfort and an inviting air. Most lighting systems can provide adjustable levels and interfaces to personalize the illumination in a space. While useful in 'setting the mood,' these systems do not consider how the changes in lighting through the day or seasons impact our lives.  Our human biology is intimately tied to our circadian rhythms, not just the cycles of light and dark but also to the color variations these generate over the day. We feel exuberant in full sunshine and a bit lower energy when the light is muted and grey. Research has shown that buildings with ample daylighting and lighting to complement improve people's dispositions and possibly their health.

Awe-Inspiring Natural light

Audio Command Systems works with Ketra, a lighting company acquired by Lutron in 2018; Ketra was created with the mission to bring more natural light solutions to our living spaces and bring this balance to your home’s illumination.

Let’s hear it from Ketra: “Since the beginning, we’ve dreamt uplighting products that emulate the awe-inspiring possibilities of natural light—and leveraged cutting-edge technology to take them even further.”

The products and lighting design provide solutions that can bring an invigorating atmosphere to your daily life. Start the day with just the right color, temperature and intensity to acclimate your sleep brain to a new start; daylight savings changes will never catch you again!

Throughout the day, subtle changes are made when LEDs span every conceivable color on the spectrum to generate just the right color and brilliance.  With the unique built-in Geo-Locator, the Ketra system automatically adjusts the light to complement your specific region's natural light. The transition between outdoors and in the blend, avoiding a harsh contrast scene.

Lighting should do more than simply brighten your way with Ketra's passionate application of natural light cycles; it can bring vitality and elegance to your daily life.

Are you ready to bring the benefits of natural light to your home and your family? Connect with our team by calling or fill out our online contact form to get started.

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