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Natural light has a profound influence on the world around us, dictating the natural cycles and seasons. It is as much a life force as the blood that flows through our veins, with the power to invigorate and inspire us. Human biology is tied to the sun’s intensity and vibrancy transitions as the tides are to the moon. The sun influences the wax and wane of circadian rhythms, directing our sleep-wake patterns and, therefore, our daily energy and emotional state.

All too often, the illumination in our homes is seen merely in a utilitarian manner, functionality over comfort. Research has shown that our well-being, focus, and general outlook is greatly influenced by the type of light we experience. Ketra, purchased by Lutron in 2018, is a lighting company explicitly created to bring balance by integrating natural and tunable lighting. 

Ready to rethink the purpose of lighting in your Los Angeles home? Read more below!

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Transformative Illumination

Daylighting, the process of maximizing sunlight in a home, is used by architects and interior designers because of the aesthetic value and its positive effect on the occupants. We respond best to light that starts warm becoming bright and clear through the day and edging into warm, soft hues at bedtime. A smart home that incorporates this by mixing natural and electric luminaires provides a transformative equilibrium to you and your family.

In Ketra’s own words:

“We’re rewriting the story of light and creating technology that works intuitively with us - to make the world a brighter, more beautiful place.”

The Ketra system follows the sun’s cues, supplementing as needed. As the sun moves across the sky, the lighting system works to match the hues and intensity, furnishing just the right light without replacing what is streaming through your windows. When more light is needed inside, the system adds illumination without creating harsh contrasts with the outside. Ketra’s responses incorporate automated settings, respond to sensors, and even match up your regions via geolocation tools.

Consistent Innovation

Generating a more human-centric method of lighting requires a revolution in the construct and control of luminaires. That’s why Ketra redesigned how LEDs work, bringing a nearly infinite spectrum of colors and unparalleled coverage options.

Superior optics is at the heart of Ketra’s innovations. The unique TruBeam approach puts the light where you want it, with none of the distortions or color separation artifacts common in traditional lighting techniques. Combining advanced semi-conductor technology ensures consistency throughout the life of the product; the sense of balance you have on day one will be the same many years later. 

Are you ready to bring the benefits of natural light to your home and your family? Connect with our team by calling or fill out our online contact form to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

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