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Lighting Control Keypads That Enhance Your Home Décor


Crestron’s Horizon Keypads Offer an Elegant Way to Control All the Lights Throughout Your Home

A luxury home demands luxurious lighting solutions. Crestron’s Horizon keypads give you smart lighting control while elevating the ambiance of your rooms. If you value aesthetics, design, and reliable performance, then Creston’s sleek keypads fulfill all your requirements. Best of all, they do more than give you complete lighting control. They also allow you to configure them to adjust the motorized shades, play music, arm security, and much more.

Do you want to create a smart and sophisticated look in your New York, NY, residence? Keep reading to see how Horizon keypads help you seamlessly and elegantly control the lights and technologies in every room.

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Elegant and Customizable Keypads

Do away with the wall switches and dimmer knobs! There’s a much better and stylish way to adjust your home’s lights. Crestron’s Horizon keypads are highly configurable with customizable faceplate trims, multicolor LED backlighting, and various designer aesthetics.

The lighted custom-engraved buttons come with your choice of programmable colors. Choose the perfect color to suit your design preferences. Also, when you press a button, the button increases in brightness, so you know it’s working correctly. The tactile feel of the button is carefully engineered, so it’s not “clicky.” So, you know you’re dealing with a quality product.

In addition to being designed to accentuate any décor, the Horizon keypads offer custom control of other technologies (as pictured above) throughout your home. If no one is in a particular room, an occupancy sensor can dim your lights and lower the motorized shades for energy savings. Bet your old wall switch couldn’t do that!

Seamless Control with One Touch

Crestron is all about smart home integration. With your smart home tablet, you control every technology throughout your home – without even leaving your seat. Still, lighting control is rarely isolated only to a tablet. You still need wall light “switches.” Crestron, understanding both form and function, has made interacting with smart technology seamless and sophisticated. Instead of your light controls being simply practical, they add more style and luxury to your home.

When you set a lighting scene in your system, such as “Breakfast,” “Dinner,” or “Goodnight,” the lighting is ready for any occasion. As you walk into your room, press the preferred scene, and the lights adjust to set the perfect mood. And remember, the Horizon keypads can be configured to accommodate a wide range of controls for your smart home. The possibilities to customize your keypad controls and appearance are virtually endless.

Are you interested in learning more about these smart and classy keypads? Call Audio Command Systems or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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