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What We Loved at CEDIA 2017


The Custom Electronics Design and Installation’s annual showcase of the coolest and newest tech products may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still drooling over some the great new smart home technology coming down the line. From awesome new touch-panel mirror TVs to the resurgence of vinyl that will bring you back to your record-collecting heyday, we got to take a look at all of the best stuff that will be available this holiday season and beyond. Want to sneak a peek? We’ve chosen some of our favorites below. Keep reading to find out more!

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Seura Smart Mirror 

A smart TV in your bathroom mirror is a great idea. You can catch up on the morning news while shaving or brushing your teeth. But you know what’s better than a smart TV? A complete smart home hub in your bathroom mirror – and that’s exactly what Seura is offering with their latest product.

The Seura Smart Mirror allows you to do a lot more than just watch TV; you can utilize apps, receive up-to-the-minute weather reports and yes, control your entire smart home before you’re done with your morning routine. It’s all completely customizable with access to the Google App store, so you can simplify the way you start your day. Plus, it’s fully equipped with voice control so you can enjoy hands-free access. 

Seura Next Gen Outdoor Display

Seura came in with full force at CEDIA 2017. In addition to their new Smart Mirrors, they also unveiled their updated line of outdoor TVs – and your backyard may never be the same. These 4K bad boys offer the brightest picture in the industry (1000 nits,) meaning the sun doesn’t stand a chance of washing out the image. Plus, they now offer exclusive Adaptive Picture Technology, which monitors the ambient light in the area to adjust the color, contrast and brightness settings throughout the day for optimal picture output.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve got a brand new look. They now feature chrome side panels that create a slimmer look, and the thinnest bezel the industry has to offer. Plus, they’ve moved the weatherproof connection panel to the bottom corner, so your integrator will have an easier time with maintenance.

EAT Turntable 

CEDIA also showcased another growing trend in home technology landscape—the return of vinyl. You can now get rid of the compressed audio blues and enjoy full analogue sound. Turntable’s like the EAT B-Sharp offer super playback with little motor noise. You can also take advantage of better streaming sound through a great assortment of 4media players. 

JBL Synthesis SCL 2 

For home theater enthusiasts looking for the next great upgrade, look no further than the JBL Synthesis SCL 2. Joining their SCL line of products – 3 and 4 came out last year – SCL 2 offers the same proprietary D2 compression driver technology and high definition imaging that you’ve come to expect from JBL Synthesis, but in a slightly smaller package. The enclosure is only six inches deep, making the SCL 2 perfect for placement behind the screen or within soundproofed rooms. Plus, it can pair with anything else in the SCL line, so you can customize your surround sound system for total viewing awesomeness. 

Apple TV 4K  

While the iPhone 7 might be getting all of the face time, Apple TV is still trying to penetrate the market of smart home hubs. Perhaps the fact that they now offer 4K streaming capabilities will sweeten the deal for those who love Apple products and want to turn their entertainment center into a smart home hub. It may be time to upgrade your network if you want to start streaming all your favorite movies and shows in all of their 4K glory. 

What’s got you most excited from CEDIA 2017? Let us know here or by giving us a call at 516-997-5800.

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