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The SMART Mirror: What You Need to Know


Imagine waking up for your day, walking into your bathroom or dressing room to get ready, and seeing all the updates that you care about displayed on the mirror in front of you.

Sound like a dream?

With Séura’s SMART Mirror, that vision has become a reality. Take the next step in customizing your New York City area home with this luxurious upgrade that will change the way you interact with your technology.

In this blog, we will take a look at the defining features of the Séura SMART Mirror and what those features might mean for your daily routine.

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What Is It Exactly? 

Séura’s latest product is a fully-functioning mirror that has what’s called a “vanishing display.”

This display will show your designated apps for you to interact with. The design and function make it a smart addition to your bathroom vanity area or dressing room.

The smart display on the mirror is four times the size of the average tablet, resulting in enhanced user experience. Engaging with your personal apps and technology is convenient and easy to use.

You can interact with your SMART Mirror and the technology within it in a few ways:

1) Voice Control. Voice activation means that you can still write emails, play music, search the web or create lists— just to name a few functions — even when your hands are wet or busy with your morning routine. This hands-free approach allows you to multi-task as needed.

2) Touch Control. With touch control, you can quickly sift through content, adjust the look of your dashboard and navigate through your apps just as easily as you would on a smartphone or tablet. The difference? The mirror has no risk of cracked displays or water damage.


A Piece of Technology or a Vanity Mirror?


Just like the Séura Vanity TV mirrors, your display (the technology you’re interacting with on the mirror) fully disappears once turned off.

This means that the remaining product is a real, functional bathroom or dressing area mirror for you to use as usual in your New York area home.

In fact, you can personalize your SMART Mirror look with a custom frame or ambient lighting options.

This is where the technology comes in:

You can personalize your home screen for quick access to the apps and programs that matter most to you. It can greet you in the morning with the time, date and weather on the display before you delve into other programs.

Moreover, you are instantly connected to your digital life: your emails, calendars, or simply a favorite television show playing on the mirror’s display while you prepare for the day.


Is It Distinct or Connected to the Rest of the Home?

The SMART Mirror is most beneficial when connected to your home and its integrated technology.

This means that you can view your surveillance camera system, adjust your lights, open the garage ahead of time, and more.

You can think of it as a supplement — or even a replacement in some aspects — to your smartphone in that it can work as a control system for your home’s technology, letting you access the same smartphone apps you love.

All this technology control can exist through a bathroom mirror.

Ready to see if the Séura SMART Mirror is right for your home? Reach out to us here or give us a call at (212) 260-4715.

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