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The Best Room In The House Is Outdoors


An Outdoor TV Makes Your Backyard The Entertainment Center.

The warmer weather is coming to the Northeast, and with it, the ability to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Entertaining friends and family in your own backyard is one of the great pleasures of homeownership.  Expanding your living space beyond the walls of your house evokes a sense of freedom, breaking the constricting confines winter imposed. Adding an outdoor TV and other features will bring family functions and game-day get-togethers a new excitement.

There is an enviable joy in having green grass between your toes and the stars above your head. Still, there is no reason you cannot have the luxury and convenience of your smart home with you. You revel in the stunning 4K in the media room, inspiring multiroom audio and personalized lighting inside. Whether you are grilling your best burgers or melting the stress away in the jacuzzi, make the most of the moments.

Do you want to make your New York, NY outdoor space the family's favorite room? Read more below to find out your options.


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Media Room, In Your Backyard

When you gather the gang to watch the game or bring the family together to watch a movie under the stars, the experience is just better outside. The food tastes better, the conversation more engaging, and the action on-screen that much more satisfying.  Bringing your video and audio outdoors requires just a bit more than moving your television and speakers to the yard.

Placing any item or fixture in your backyard comes with the challenge of withstanding the elements. When it comes to outdoor TVs and electronics, ensuring you and your guests can see and hear the content presents difficulties unless installed by knowledgeable professionals. We recommend two brands that meet the criteria of quality like your media room in terms of and durability for years of service.

Samsung Terrace Debuts

The Terrace monitor from Samsung offers the remarkable cutting-edge technology of QLED for your outdoor spaces. The monitors are available in 55”, 65”, and 75” sizes, more than enough to accommodate viewing by the whole family, no matter where they are sitting.

While your indoor 4K monitors and home theater projectors may seem bright, bring them outside, and they lose a great deal of image clarity. The Samsung model offers a remarkable 2000 nit brightness, 3-6 times brighter than your standard indoor TV. The superior housing and materials make sure that it is impervious to rain, snow, humidity, and pests.

Séura Solutions

The Séura company has a long history of furnishing solutions for outside video monitors. The name is derived from the pointillism of Georges Seurat, where every pixel creates a canvas—advocating the idea that the best results come from when science and art work together. In this spirit, the company offers solutions suited for the sun or shade.

The micro-edge LED technology screens can resist fading and damage from the sun while generating images that are 140 percent brighter than comparable in-home units. The anti-glare screens guarantee a great high-definition UHD quality image with excellent off-axis viewing. The screens have an operating temperature range of -24 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you can watch any time of year. 

Add Ambiance and Audio

You have come to appreciate the audiophile quality of your whole-home audio; you do not have to sacrifice this just because you are in the backyard. Bring the full-throated sound of your favorite music or the roar of the crowd at the game. Outdoor speakers distribute the sound while blending into the grounds without losing the clarity you expect.

When night comes, light up your yard with outdoor illumination. Create ambiance and a sense of space by highlighting aspects of the landscape. Dim the lights as the movie starts or personalize the light in the same way you do inside. 

An outdoor TV installation adds vibrancy to your backyard and brings family and friends together. Are you ready to extend your living space with all the amenities of indoors?

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