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Professional Projection and Sound Brings Perfection To Your Home Theater


Barco and Meyer Sound Offer Exceptional Quality and Clarity 

custom home theater is about the experience of movie watching, and how you perceive the experience starts with your audiovisuals. The AV technology helps accentuate the storyline, blurring the line between fantasy and our world.  

A quality home theater starts with the construction itself, and an understanding of the shape, size, and materials used will affect how the image looks and the audio will sound. The projector and surround sound are an integral component of the room itself, not just standalone items. 

When it comes to the audio system and projection, you want the best designs that provide uncompromised quality for your Los Angeles, CA home.  

To learn more about how Barco projectors and Meyer Sound are great options for your home theater, read more below. 

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Exceed Your Expectations 

A private cinema should not just match but exceed your expectations. The right components can make all the difference. Product manufacturers who started off supplying solutions to professional installations have an intimate understanding of theatrical spaces, and we have the knowledge to install them to meet your performance and design goals. The experience of delivering a superior sound and image for venues means every seat in yours is the best. 

Projection Perfection 

The projector is, of course, the central element of a home theater. Barco is a leader in projection systems for high-end cinemas, Broadway productions, and touring shows to produce a top-quality image anywhere. 

Barco builds projectors for the true cinephile offering a range of models that fit your configuration needs.  Whether you have a room with a controlled lighting environment or one that needs to accommodate more ambient illumination, the projector provides bright and detailed imagery.  

The luxury models support true 4K DCI, the industry cinema widescreen format, to present the films as the directors intended. You can watch in the stunning Cinemascope vistas with none of the distracting black bar framing other projectors can produce. These exclusive projectors are the epitome of Barco’s unwavering commitment to bringing you the honest reproduction of the filmmaker’s vision. 

Sound That Satisfies

Meyer Sound has been part of live sound since 1967 when the founder built a system for Steve Miller at the Monterey Pop Festival. Since that moment, the company has been a leader in venue sound, renowned for their deduction to audio reproduction and durability. The company earned praise from none other than Francis Ford Coppola for building a multichannel system 70mm release of Apocalypse Now.  

The line of home theater-centric speakers transitions their patented technology into a remarkable sonic environment for your own house. The Acheron speakers processing technologies are optimized to deliver highly accurate responses and vertical consistency between the high and low frequencies. The result is a horn and compression driver set up that generates maximum intelligibility and the fine details of a surround sound mix.  

The Acheron System is the same self-powered units installed in dub stages, post-production facilities and theaters of all sizes. Experience Dolby Atmos surround sound and more with professional-grade equipment that takes up less space and provides more power.

Are you ready to discuss installing a home theater with Barco projectors and Meyer Sound speakers in your home? Call us at 310-444-3882 or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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