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Why Do I Need a Special Outdoor TV Installation?

Outdoor TV on a patio overlooking the living room window and window box garden.

Learn Why a Traditional TV Isn’t Made For Outdoor Use

It’s the perfect time of year to take your favorite entertainment to your patio spaces, but unfortunately, it’s not as simple as unplugging your indoor speakers and TV and then plugging them back in outside.

With a professional outdoor TV installation on your New York, NY property, you can experience high-definition image quality and crisp movie dialogue and sports commentary all from the comfort of your backyard or patio safely. There’s no need to learn new technology tools, either, because Audio Command Systems ensures everything works as seamlessly as the AV setup you know and love inside!

To learn two main factors that set outdoor TVs apart from other models, keep scrolling below.

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So Bright, You Need Shades

The conditions inside are dramatically different from those outside. All it would take is a sunbeam to negatively affect the display on an indoor TV that was placed outside, thereby ruining your summer movie gathering or pool party entertainment. From Séura’s 2000-nit Full Sun Series to its 700-nit Shade Series 2, there’s a brightness level available that far surpasses the typical indoor TV brightness of 250-nits. For installations on the patio, shade-optimized outdoor TV displays are perfect. Ultra-bright models are built to combat the sun’s harsh rays in full-sun environments and can withstand even more heat than shaded varieties.

Materials Designed to Last

Indoor TVs aren’t designed to withstand the forces of Mother Nature. On the other hand, outdoor TVs are UL listed and meet national safety standards for outdoor use. Not only will these displays last through wind, sun, rain, and debris for years to come, but they’re safe to operate the entire time as well. There’s no need to gamble when it comes to your family’s safety.

The Perfect Outdoor TV Installation

So, how do you select a suitable outdoor TV for your patio space? With the help of ACS, of course. Our expert AV team not only handles product selection and system design, but we ensure every component of your new or upgraded outdoor AV system is installed correctly. We can incorporate it into your whole-home AV system as well, so there’s no need to learn new technology interfaces, remotes, or apps. The entire family will be able to figure out the system in no time.

ACS Is Smarter By Design

We take pride in superior technology offerings and installations at ACS, and we can’t wait to help you! Chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or contact us here to start a conversation about upgrading your outdoor entertainment areas.

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