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What Does It Look Like To Live In A Smart Home?


Explore Some of The Luxurious Benefits of Smart Home Integration

“Smart technology” is a buzzword in today’s society. Everybody’s got to have it! And the truth is . . . most people do. Anyone with a mobile phone carries around smart technology in their pocket. Still, some people don’t realize that they can have the same technology (and even better) in their homes. Smart home integration makes it possible for you to control all your home’s technologies with the tap or swipe of an icon.

Best of all, the Crestron Home system integrates everything into one easy-to-use interface. Living in your Los Angeles, CA smart home is always a delightful experience and the epitome of luxury. In this blog, we’ll show you how a few systems help to take the pleasure of daily living to a new level.

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A Secure Home Is a Happy Home

In the past, an “advanced” security system was one with a few cameras and an alarm system. And it wasn’t very smart. It simply recorded events or beeped when something was triggered. Now, today’s 4K smart surveillance cameras alert you to unusual activity on your property in real time.

Also, when you leave for the day, you don’t need to worry about arming the system. Instead, your doors automatically lock, the system activates, and the cameras are poised to capture footage while you’re gone. Even more impressive, you can control everything remotely and view live footage right on your phone.

Take Control of Natural and Artificial Light

One of the most practical and impressive ways smart home integration improves daily living is with lighting control. Crestron smart lighting and motorized shades allow you to achieve the perfect ambiance and comfort level in your room. Instead of flipping switches throughout your home or manually adjusting shades in each room, tap an icon on your Crestron Home tablet or smartphone app to control everything from your seat.

Set scenes for specific events in your life: movie night, dinner time, parties, and bedtime. Then, when the time comes, select the scene to set the perfect mood for the occasion. Your lights and motorized shades (and even whole-home music) adjust to preset levels to create the ambiance you want.

Home Entertainment at Its Best

How do you relax, unwind, and entertain? Some enjoy watching movies. Others want to listen to music. You may enjoy hosting big outdoor parties on your patio or pool deck. However you like to enjoy life, you can experience more daily delights with smart home integration. Do you want to watch a movie in your home theater? Relax in your luxury seats, tap one button, and all the technologies set the stage for a terrific show – just like in the movie theaters!

Perhaps you love listening to your favorite songs and podcasts each day. Why not turn on your whole-home audio system? Then, wherever you go in your home, you’ll hear the audio in crystal-clear clarity through premium in-room speakers. Take the fun outside too. Outdoor TVs and landscape speakers create an immersive auditory and visual experience for you, your family, and your friends.

Learn more about smart home control and its many daily benefits. Call Audio Command Systems at 310-444-3882 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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