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Strengthen Sleep Quality with Motorized Shades in Your Bedroom

A bedroom with warm, yellow-toned lighting and motorized shades fully drawn.

Let Audio Command Systems Help Transform Your Sleep Space For Cutting-edge Comfort

Can you imagine going to bed each night in a serene sanctuary where light, privacy, and comfort can all be controlled with the ease of just pressing a button? Achieve serenity when you work with Audio Command Systems to install motorized shades in your bedroom, creating the peaceful retreat every New York, NY, resident desperately seeks to experience. After a long, stressful day at work, you can come home and prioritize rest. Continue reading to learn how motorized shades can strengthen sleep quality and transform your bedroom experience with cutting-edge technology.

3 Ways to Save with Motorized Shades in the New Year

Bedroom with motorized window shades

An Innovative Way to Simplify Daily Living and Gain Peace of Mind

Is installing motorized shades on your list of must-dos in the new year? If you’re looking for an easy way to simplify your daily life, add savings to your wallet, and worry less about privacy in your home, then motorized shades are a perfect choice. Let us help you realize the value smart technology can provide and make life just a little easier this year.

Continue reading for three ways to save with motorized shades in your New York, NY, home.

3 Benefits of Finding a Lutron Dealer for Your Motorized Shades


Experience Comfort Like Never Before with Lutron’s Shading Solutions 

If you’re thinking about updating your home to bring in the new year right, motorized shades are the first upgrade you should look at. Window treatments can easily make or break a room, not only because of their style aspect but their functionality. If the fabric is too thin or the cord is too inaccessible, shades defeat their purpose and become a nuisance.

That’s where Lutron comes in. With a wide variety of fabrics and styles, you’ll be sure to find the ones that fit the décor at your Palm Beach County, FL home. Furthermore, an experienced Lutron dealer can make choosing and installing your motorized windows easier than ever. Read on to learn more!

Why You Should Install a Smart Thermostat This Summer


As the summer months approach, it’s almost impossible to deal with the fluctuating temperatures in the New York metropolitan area. In just the past week, the city has seen highs of 90 degrees and lows of 50. With a smart thermostat, you don’t have to play catch up. Your home is always at your ideal temperature and with a lending hand from some of your other technology—including your motorized window shades—you don’t have to expend ridiculous amounts of energy to stay cool. Below we highlight some of the best smart thermostat features that you can take advantage of this summer.

SEE MORE: Motorized Window Treatments Enhance Every Space in your Apartment

Make it Easy to Set the Temperature

Traditional thermostats can be a hassle to program as you try to figure out what all the buttons on the panel mean. One of the coolest aspects of a smart thermostat is that it’s easy to manage from a mobile app or even through voice commands if you have Amazon Alexa. The app comes with simple graphics that let you choose a room, set the temperature, and turn fans on and off.

Access Your System on the Go

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